Smoked Sausage and Rice One Pot Meal

Smoked Sausage and Rice – Quick & Easy

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I wish I was beginning this week’s post with excitement about warm weather, but nope–we’re still keeping it pretty chilly here in the Chicagoland area. Luckily that just means that the comforting meals have not stopped.

While still chilly, I have been keeping busy staying on top of reviews both for this page as well as my youtube (working on some new subscription box reviews!). This inspired me to focus on some one-pot meals for a bit. Why? They’re easy to put together, create little mess, and are ready to eat in no time.

So what will be covering today, you ask?

A one pot smoked sausage and rice recipe by Recipe Tin Eats. You can find the recipe right -> here!

Cook The Rice Together Or Add It Later?

There is no issue with adding uncooked rice to the pot used to cook everything else. If you follow the directions and keep an eye on your pot, then you should be left with perfectly cooked rice that is full of all the flavors it was cooking in.

While it’s all just a dump and go type of deal…don’t forget to wash your rice!

To keep the rice from sticking to the bottom of the pan and burning, do keep an eye on the pot. Mix occasionally throughout the cooking process and add more liquid if it’s completely dry. In my case with this smoked sausage and rice dish–keeping the heat steady and mixing occasionally worked out well. I did not need to add any extra liquid into the mix.

Smoked Sausage cooking

Smoked Sausage – The Base Of the Yum!

The use of smoked sausage makes this dish so much easier and even tastier than using a ground meat or uncooked sausage. Can it be done? Sure, but you’d be adding on additional seasonings to the meat and more importantly–adding on time.

I used smoked kielbasa from Trader Joe’s (gluten-free, yay!) and it worked perfectly. I cut the sausage up into thin slices and pan fried it till it was browned.

Even though you could use another type of meat, I still vote to stick with the original recipe and keep the smoked sausage in. It’s easy to find at most stores, it’s not expensive, and it will elevate this recipe with delicious smokey flavor. No reason to swap it out unless you seriously just don’t want use kielbasa.

When cooking everything together, don’t be worried that it will end up very soggy and soupy. That’s the magic of rice! It will absorb all that liquid and cook perfectly. After those 20 minutes or so, this dish will look completely different and will have you ready for a taste!

Frozen Veggies?

This smoked sausage and rice meal is delicious, but also lovely to look at! I think we owe it to the cooked up smoked sausage and the yummy green peas! Can you swap in other veggies? Yes, however, I would advise that you would stick with frozen veggies over fresh. Why? These remaining veggies are tossed in once the pot is already off the stove. This means not much cooking time.

If you use fresh veggies and cook them along with the dish from the start, then you dish them ending up mushy and discolored. If you use frozen veggies, then you’re simply thawing them, warming them up from the heat of the rice, and serving them at peak freshness (that beautiful vibrant color too!). The frozen peas thaw and warm up without cooking extra and thus, they keep their texture and color.

Smoked Sausage and Rice

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

After a long week, day, or whatever your situation may be, a one pot meal is the key to that breath of relief. Seriously. This recipe for smoked sausage and rice is perfect for any day of the week. I does not call for many steps, ingredients, or even time.

Aside from flavor, this recipe is one I would absolutely recommend. It’s very easy to follow and it even has pictures to guide you through each step. Can’t find a particular smoked sausage, there are additional recommendations to help bring this dish together.

It’s simple. That’s essentially what it comes down to. These ingredients aren’t obscure or expensive. They can be found at most grocery stores and they can very easily feed 4 people comfortable. We ended up with leftovers with this dish and yes–this still tastes delicious when reheated.

If you’re looking for a rice and protein meal that will not disappoint you or your household, then I urge you to give this recipe by Recipe Tin Eats for Smoked Sausage and Rice a try.

What are your favorite one pot meals? Let me know in the comments below!

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