One-Pan Lamb Meatballs and Saffron Rice with Dill Yogurt

Lamb Meatballs? Oh Yes! Aromatic Deliciousness All in One Pan!

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It has been so beautiful here in Chicago! It’s like summer weather came overnight and all the trees have bloomed! I sure hope that wherever you are, that you’re having a great day and are enjoying your time cooking up some delicious meals! I’ve been packing up a bit more in our kitchen, so I’ve been looking into more one-pan-friendly meals. Ya know, once you get to being more packed up, you’ll still want to work with what you have out. Now, one-pan meals don’t always have to be casseroles and pasta dishes.

This week’s recipe for one-pan lamb meatballs and saffron rice with dill yogurt is beautiful in color and incredible in flavor.

This week’s recipe comes courtesy of The Defined Dish. You can find the link to the recipe right -> here!

Lamb Meatballs with saffron rice plated

Spring Cleaning – Spice Edition!

When I first saw this recipe, I was immediately interested because that beautiful yellow rice was so inviting. The closer I looked, the more interesting it began to sound–especially since it called for the use of saffron! I know I’m not the only one who has plenty of spices laying around because they were purchased for a specific recipe. I don’t often work with saffron, so when this recipe called for a pinch of it, I was very excited! I hate seeing things go to waste, so this was a great opportunity for a little spring cleaning!

Let’s talk a little more about the spice mix, shall we? This recipe calls for some beautiful aromatic spices that are in the meatballs as well as the rice. Turmeric is one of my favorite spices not only because of its beautiful color, but also its health benefits. While we may not be using loads and loads of it in this recipe, it’s still good to know you’re using great ingredients.

In all seriousness, the spice mix used in this recipe is fantastic. It’s anything but bland and if you’re looking to use up some of the spices in your pantry, then this is going to be an excellent option for that.

Browned lamb meatballs before simmering. Par-cooked.

Lamb Meatballs Are Anything But Dry!

When working with lamb, there’s always a chance that the mix is going to leave the meat dry. With meatballs, I worried about this a little bit more. In this recipe, there was no reason to worry. Truly. These meatballs once browned and simmered are incredibly flavorful and juicy. Out of everything in this recipe–these took me by surprise. Lucky for us, we ended up having leftovers the next day. The meatballs were still just as delicious when were reheated.

If you’re not a fan of lamb, then I’m sure chicken or beef will work just fine, but that lamb really does add another layer of flavor. Juuusting saying! 😉
A big “chef’s kiss” to these meatballs! The Defined Dish–you’re really wow-ing me with these new recipes.

Lamb and Yogurt? What A Yummy Combo!

While we have the rice and meatballs at the head of the recipe, I think it’s important to bring up the other parts that just really bring it all together. Yes, I’m talking about the delightful dill mint yogurt. It’s definitely light and refreshing which really makes this dish shine. While the spices are delicious, there is such a moment when the spices become a bit much. The yogurt breaks up the flavor and really helps you enjoy every single bite.

And the final touch–pomegranate seeds!! While my husband didn’t care too much for them, I thought they were such a delightful “pop” of sweetness. If you’re making this for the first time, then do yourself a favor and just…follow the recipe. Don’t remove anything unless you seriously can’t eat it. You’ll be surprised by how awesome this all works together! Lamb, saffron rice, dill yogurt, and pomegranate–seriously my new favorite combination!

Lamb Meatballs With Saffron Rice

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

This recipe is anything but bland, but it also isn’t so over the top. If you’ve cooked Mediterranean inspired food and love it, then you will be adding this one to your rotation. Well, maybe not every week since ground lamb isn’t the cheapest, but you get what I mean.

This dish is colorful and full of delicious flavors. I feel that every ingredient serves a purpose. Nothing is out of place or as a “throw in”. If you’re looking for a dish that combines everything in a perfectly balanced manner, then please, please, do give this recipe a try.

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