Baked Salmon Sushi Bowls

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I don’t know about you all, but I sure do love the concept of meals in a bowl. It’s a great way to layer flavor and this salmon sushi bowl absolutely accomplishes that. To be frank, this isn’t the first recipe that I’ve tried for this type of dish, but it’s certainly the one that stood out the most. As we’re preparing to sell our condo, I’ve been trying to find easy to make recipes that can be put on the table quickly. Gives us more time to get some more cleaning and packing done, ya know?

With these types of recipes, you want each part of the bowl to work well on its own, so it can really come together and wow your tastebuds in the end. You don’t want any part of the bowl to overwhelm you with flavor. We need that perfect balance, and I definitely believe that you can find it in this week’s recipe review.

This week’s recipe is by The Defined Dish, and you can find the recipe right -> here!

Baked Salmon Sushi Bowl

Forget Broiling Your Salmon

Many recipes for salmon sushi sushi bowls call for broiling your salmon. Yes, this method is quick, but it puts you at a higher risk of charring your salmon while leaving the thickest parts of the fish undercooked. Honestly, not sure why I’ve seen that method so much with these recipes. If you’re using honest in your recipes, that fish will be charred quickly.

The Defined Dish bakes the salmon at a lower temperature in the marinade, which allows for you to get every other part of the dish ready. Simple, delicious, and stress-free! Just how I like to keep things in the kitchen!

Plus, if you’re baking at a lower temperature you ensure that your salmon is flavorful as well as flaky without it being dry. Honestly, there’s nothing more than unpleasantly dry salmon. No thanks.

Baked salmon sushi bowl

The Salmon Sushi Bowl Dressing

While the salmon may be baked perfectly at a low temperature, I think that the start of this dish that really brings everything together is the dressing! It has just the right amount of sweet, salty, and a little spicy flavor that makes each spoonful rock! Now, keep in mind that while this is a dressing, you shouldn’t be drenching your bowl in it. It’s just enough of a good touch that it works. If you overdo it, then you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the dish in its entirety.

When I think of these recipes, I like to compare them to a symphony. Each section of the symphony sounds great, but when you put it all together, then you really have something that impresses you. This salmon sushi bowl accomplishes just that. Every ingredients is great on its own, but serves a purpose for the overall flavor of the dish.

Salmon sushi bowl plated

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

I absolutely love the simplicity of a meal in a bowl. You layer up the flavor and then you’re left with an excellent dish that everyone can enjoy! The Defined Dish has come to be one of my favorite bloggers and these new recipes certainly don’t disappoint. I feel that this recipe recognizes that each part of the dish needs to be balanced in order to get the final result. Absolutely delicious!

This recipe goes against many of the methods I’ve seen in other salmon sushi bowl recipes. That’s in the best way possible. While I’ve made those other recipes only once, simply to try them–I will be remaking this one many times, I’m sure. Every part of it is simple, tasty, and I know that it will be enjoyed by my household.

That’s the ultimate goal, right? Making others happy by serving them a bowl of delicious food.

Are you a fan of these bowl-type recipes? What has been your favorite? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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