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This week we’re doing something a little different. You’ve probably noticed plenty of reviews for recipes from The Defined Dish on this blog. There is a reason for that–I promise you. Since December, I’ve been exploring sections of Alex Sondgrass’ second cookbook: The Comfortable Kitchen.

At what point do you venture off a food bloggers page and actually purchase their cookbook? I’ll be honest that out of all the food bloggers I have come across in the last 3 years–The Defined Dish has been my favorite. Alex’s meals are easy to make, healthy variations of our takeout favorites, and simply lovely to look at. If I had so much fun making her recipes from her blog (which are FREE, guys…), then I wanted to support her by purchasing her cookbook. Seriously, so many of the recipes that I’ve tried off her blog are just so consistently good and enjoyed by my family.

As mentioned, this is her second cookbook, which can be purchased-> here!

The Comfortable Kitchen
Pg. 216 – Lemon Avocado Oil Cake

This cookbook focuses more on comfortable at-home cooking. Yes, they’re still healthy meals, but there’s plenty of comfort in them. For example, we have a few selections of recipes from her family. Well, soups, especially. This cookbook definitely has a more approachable vibe to me than the first one. If you aren’t familiar, the first cookbook, titled The Defined Dish, was more Whole30 forward. I LOVE that cookbook too, but The Comfotable Kitchen just feels more…dare I say it…comfortable?

For this review, I explored each section that had a “Defined Dish” original recipe. I picked out each protein section, salads, soups, desserts, and even cocktails! Please do keep in mind that I have not tried these recipes cover to cover quite yet, but I’m still going!

The Comfortable Kitchen Lemon Chicken
Pg. 158 Paleo Lemon Chicken

The Recipes in The Comfortable Kitchen

The recipes in the comfortable kitchen are divided into their respective sections. Appetizers, etc…..
You still get the sense that you’re eating well, but you’re also not making extra purchases for ingredients listed on the recipe cards. That’s what I really liked. Being gluten-free, I already have a variety of flours and starches, so for me, it wasn’t so out of the way. I had to buy some protein, and perhaps stock up on some broth and salsa, but I never felt like I had to go way out of the way.

That has always been a recurring theme with The Defined Dish recipes. If you take a look at your pantry and see that you have a few common ingredients on hand, then you’d certainly be able to whip up something from this cookbook.

The Comfortable Kitchen
Pg. 42 – Harvest Salad with Miso Dressing

What About Recipe Variety?

When purchasing a cookbook, you want to think about how often you’d be using it. In my case, cookbooks have been excellent resources when I can’t figure out what else to make during the week (on days I don’t have content to review). This cookbook has been such an awesome go-to resource for me, because I know that everything that I’ve tried (and that my Dad tried) was sincerely enjoyed.

This was honestly the reason I wanted to write this review. I don’t normally review cookbooks, but this one is just fantastic. Now, I’d comment on the pictures and format of the book, but I feel like that’s the be expected with a published cookbook, ya know? Nice to look at. Here I’m focusing on the content.

Each section includes recipes that are different in their own way. They are anything but bland. While Alex is from Texas, this book does not only contain southern-inspired cooking, which is always really nice to see. Honestly, it just feels like home when you cook from this book. The Comfortable Kitchen invites you with home-style recipes that anyone can make without needing expert training in the kitchen.

That’s really the winning part here for me. Pick up the book, flip to a page, pick the recipe, and make your household happy by feeding them something seriously DELICIOUS.

All the dishes pictures have been made by me and seriously all received a 5/5. I haven’t come across a recipe that I didn’t want to make again.

The Comfortable Kitchen
Pg. 40 – Chopped Chipotle Chicken Salad

The Blog Vs. The Cookbook

As we all know by now, the Defined Dish has a blog where Alex shares her recipes. The majority of the recipes in the Comfortable Kitchen Cookbook will not be found on blog. Do I think the book is worth getting to get access to these recipes? Absolutely. Not only are you supporting a recipe developer you really enjoy, but you also get to master some new recipes that are familiar, but also remade in a way that are still pretty good for you!

That’s the big win for me.

I love actually having a physical cookbook by Alex because I have some of my favorite recipe at my fingertips. Plus, this just means that I get more recipes from this author. In this case, there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. Think of the cookbook as an extension of the blog. It isn’t the same thing, but it also is just more of something that you already really like.

The Comfortable Kitchen
Pg. 237 – The Last Word

Final Thoughts…

The Comfortable Kitchen cookbook gets a 5/5 and two thumbs up from me. This second cookbook from Alex of The Defined Dish is a winner in my eyes. All the recipes that I’ve tried have been enjoyed and will absolutely be made again. This isn’t a “tried it and that’s it” type of cookbook. The recipes found here will certainly be ones added to your weekly, or even monthly rotations. They are simple, quick, and delicious. That’s what I search for, and I think I’ve definitely found it here in this book.

So, should you purchase this cookbook? If you have trouble picking something to make and need some guidance from a blogger I have praised on my blog for YEARS, then I vote YES. I think trying these recipes is truly such an awesome introduction to healthy home cooking that is meant to be shared.

If you do choose to purchase this cookbook, then I sincerely hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.

To purchase this cookbook, you can find the link -> here!

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