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This year I wanted to continue my subscription box reviews, but wanted to change how I actually did them. This year I will be spending an extended period of time on subscription box reviews–meaning: I will pick a service each quarter and spend a few months using it before writing up a full review.

While I am doing that, I will be posting unboxing videos each month on my Youtube channel, so you all can see this process!

So, as seen on the title here–the first subscription service I signed up for this year is Bespoke Post.
I’ve seen ads for this everywhere. Social media and even TV. At first it didn’t appeal to me because I saw mostly “adventure equipment”. I’m not much of nature adventure seeker–at least not enough to warrant a subscription dedicated to that. That’s when I decided to dig a little bit more.

Their main tag is “Themed Boxes For People Who Give a Damn”.

Bespoke Post has been around for 10 years now and focuses on finding great products sold by small businesses. Then they bundle it, call it by a relevant name, and offer it as a box for their subscribers. But is it all just nature stuff? Not at all.

What caught my attention and eventually led me to sign up for this service was that there were plenty areas of interest for me, such as home and kitchen. So if you’re following me because I focus on products that can be used every day, then I encourage you to keep reading because we’re about to get into the details!

Bespoke Post Box 1

How Does a Bespoke Post Subscription Work?

Just like any other service, you’ll need to create an account and complete a survey that helps with recommendations for your monthly themed boxes. Does it take away what is available to everyone? Not at all.

But were we talk about what available boxes, I’m sure you’re wondering about price?

The membership is free, but in order to get the monthly themed boxes, it will be 49 USD. They call this an exclusive member price. Basically, if you sign up monthly, all your boxes will be that price. If you want a themed box without a membership or just want something extra, you can find all these boxes available for purchase, but you’d be paying 70 USD instead of the member price of 49 USD.

But seriously, the membership is free, you get a great variety of themed boxes, and you get to support small businesses. I mean—come on. That’s fantastic.

Bespoke Post Box 2

What If I Don’t Like The Box That Is Picked For Me?

Simple. Don’t approve it. Like most subscriptions, you can choose to skip boxes, but with Bespoke Post, you can swap in something else that may interest you more. For example, if you don’t have a need for a travel bag, but would rather get a new wok with a steamer basket? If that’s one of the available themed boxes that month, then make the swap and you’re set!

If you end up skipping a box altogether, there is no charge.

Any Extra Charges? How About Add-Ons?

Again–no extra charges for the free membership. Great, right? What about add-ons? Great question! Bespoke Post offers an option called “Super Charge” where for 20 USD you can get an item added onto your monthly delivery. Unlike the themed boxes that you can swap out, you cannot swap out super charge items. If you choose to remove it, you simply won’t get charged. Nice and simple.

In my time reviewing these boxes, I had super charge turned on, but did not keep the additions each month. Why? Again, I love doing these reviews, but I like to keep things practical too. The super charge item was a set of grilling tools. We already have a set and a half, so I didn’t find the need to have yet another set sent to me just for the sake of a review.

The main point here is–there is an add-on feature for Bespoke Post subscriptions called Super Charge that cannot be swapped out for different items, but it’s not a use it or lose it type of add-on either.

What Bespoke Post Boxes Were Like?

I ended up reviewing this service for 3 months. My first box arrived in January and I did not end up skipping any, so we finished up at the start of March. I’ll also link my unboxing videos so you can see these boxes in more detail.

  • January Box – Sizzle – My first box from Bespoke Post included a carbon steel wok, a steamer basket, spicy chili crisp, and toasted sesame oil. My first impression? I was a little puzzled at the lack of marketing material on and inside the box. But since receiving this box, I have used all the items included multiple times. For 49 USD–this was a STEAL. If I was considering getting another wok in the future, I know where I will be looking first. Overall, this first box was a great way to start this review.
  • February Box – Zero Proof – My second box from Bespoke Post featured two FULL-SIZE bottles from Free Spirit. These are non-alcoholic spirits that I have been enjoying very much. This box included a Free Spirit – Tequila and Bourbon set. Seriously. These are both full size bottles and shockingly good. Again…for 49 USD, the value is insane. On the Free Spirit website, these spirits are out of stock and priced at much more than you pay with Bespoke Post to try two of these spirits. The value? Insane.
  • March Box – Purified – My third and final box from Bespoke Post was slightly different from the previous two! This box included a self-cleaning water bottle and two super cool hand sanitizers. Again, I ended up looking up the retail prices for each of the items included. 49 USD is still a freaking STEAL. Plus, I definitely found my new favorite brand of hand sanitizer that is super travel friendly!
Bespoke Post 3

Is Bespoke Post Worth It?

If you’re looking for a subscription box that helps you discover new brands run by small businesses, then Bespoke Post may just be what you’re looking for. I ended up signing up for this service after seeing one too many ads. Boy did it pay off. I have to confirm that all the items included in each of the boxes I had picked were worth well over the 49 USD.

This was a cost-saving way to discover new brands and it only continued to feed my interest.

I definitely have a lot of respect for companies like Bespoke Post. They are providing a service that not only benefits them as a company, but helps benefit smaller businesses. If you’re interested in a variety of products that you can use every day (instead of letting them collect dust), this may be what you’re looking for.

Again, because there is no base charge for just being a member, it really doesn’t hurt to sign up and check out if some of these themed boxes fit your lifestyle.

This is a service that I will recommend with confidence. So, if you’re interested and ready–you can sign up for Bespoke Post right -> here!

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