Delicious Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

Cravings Satisfied – Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

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Sometimes a craving hits you when you least expect it. This is exactly how I found this week’s recipe to review. Believe it or not, just like Instagram, Tiktok has some phenomenal home cooks and chefs out there. So if you avoid that app like the plague, I’d urge you to at least check it out once and search for “food” haha. Granted, there are some chaotic cooking videos out there that make you rethink everything, but stick around the the gems! I promise!

So let’s talk about today’s recipe that I’ll be reviewing.

My “For you Page” was graced with the presence of a creator dressed in a white blouse making a beautiful, colorful, Hungarian dish. It’s a short video, but in that time, it had me feeling so nostalgic. My family used to make a Paprikash that was slightly different, but they certainly used to make dumplings. That made me want to try this dish even more.

The recipe that I used for today’s review is by Carolina Gelen and you can find the recipe right -> here!

Hungarian Chicken Paprikash

Building Up The Layers Of Flavor for the Chicken Paprikash

Once you brown the bite-sized chicken pieces, that’s when the real fun starts. Flavor, in this dish, is built up in layers. The aromatics do their job, the onion soften and become sweet—then come the spices. Holy smokes.

If you think that 3 Tbs of paprika is too much–don’t think, just do. For those who have not used paprika as much, don’t worry, this won’t be spicy. In order to keep spice low, I’d reduce the amount of cayenne pepper.

The paprikash gets its beautiful color most definitely from the paprika that is used. Carolina makes a note that the paprika used should definitely be more on the….not expired side. So folks, if you aren’t checking the expiration of all your spices–this is your reminder to do so!

This dish is a slow and steady kind of cook, but you won’t find yourself standing in the kitchen for hours, which makes this a good option for any day of the week. I was able to make this during the week after work and I would absolutely do it again, knowing that it doesn’t stress me out!

Going back to building up the flavors–the directions provided for this recipe are quite clear. Luckily, if you have any questions on how Carolina wants you to make this, you can always reference her Tiktok or Youtube video.

Dumplings for Paprikash

The Dumplings For The Paprikash (Plus Some Options)

When I was growing up in Poland, my parents would make dumplings that would be cooked in soup. Now, it was so long ago that my memory isn’t quite as clear. What I do remember quite clearly is that the dumplings were made using a batter that didn’t require a lot of ingredients. The moment I saw Carolina using this method for the paprikash, I felt all the memories flooding back.

Now being gluten-free, I cannot make them as indicated on the recipe card. If you are also gluten-free, then I recommend using gluten-free flour as a replacement. I used Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Flour. Any other gluten-free AP flour would work just fine, too.

Will it taste the same?

I’d say–not quite, but pretty close.

My main note that I would make for these dumplings is to have a large enough pot! My pot was smaller, so my dumplings clumped together rather than having enough room to cook separately. Oh! Also, don’t leave the pot unattended, because I promise you…it will boil over. Just like pasta, honestly.

Because my pot wasn’t large enough, everything mostly clumped together. By the end, it mostly resembled grits to me. Ideally, what you’d like is strands of dumplings, not just mush.

Flavor comparison? I’d say this should taste similar to pasta with a little more chew to it, just like a dumpling. Dumplings like this are generally served in a soup or with a sauce, which makes them perfect for this chicken paprikash.

If you’re not a fan of these dumplings and want other options? You can easily serve this with regular pasta, mashed potatoes, or even rice. I made mashed potatoes for our leftovers and dinner was splendid!

Hungrian Chicken Paprikash

Grey’s Grade – 5/5

If you are looking to try a dish from a different culture, then I highly recommend that you give this one a try. The flavors are so incredibly warm and comforting. A dish like this can be enjoyed any time of the year, but it feels extra comforting on a cold winter’s evening.

The warmth comes from the subtle heat of the paprika, the depth from the peppers, onions, and the creaminess from the coconut milk. Traditionally, my family would use heavy cream, but using coconut milk keeps this recipe dairy-free.

My favorite way to experience and appreciate other cultures is by trying food native to said cultures. Carolina is originally from Transylvania, so I felt confident in trying her recipe to experience something closer to authentic. I sincerely appreciate so many home cooks and chefs sharing their culture’s flavors with us all.

This recipe is very easy to follow whether you’re watching the video or following along the recipe card. So if you are a home cook or an experienced chef, this recipe will be no issue for you.

This recipe for a Hungarian Chicken Paprikash gets a very bold 5/5 from me as it brought up a lot of nostalgia for me. I sincerely hope that you give this recipe a try.

Are there any recipes from your culture that you’d like to recommend? Leave a comment below!

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