Simple Mills: Banana Muffin & Bread Almond Flour Baking Mix

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Simple Mills Gluten-Free Muffins In A Pinch!

Hello friends!

One of my favorite pastimes while living at home was enjoying a delicious pastry with a cup of coffee on the weekend while I used to write. My Mom would either bake something fresh or pick something to enjoy from the bakery we all liked.

I suppose that stuck with me.

While making something from scratch is delicious, it’s also good to have some trusted brands that you can keep on hand to whip something up real quick. Maybe you have people coming over, or maybe you just want to have something on hand for your household–whatever you need.

These days, most grocery stores will carry gluten-free baking mixes in the baking aisle, which makes me insanely happy! I’ve tried a handful of different brands, but today I wanted to try the Simple Mills as I have enjoyed their other products.

Today, we’re going to try the Banana Muffin & Bread Mix!

You can purchase this on Amazon: Simple Mills Banana Muffin Mix, but do check out your local grocery stores to see if they have this mix in stock!

Simple Mills Muffin Mix

Why Simple Mills?

One of the reasons I enjoy Simple Mills products is because there aren’t a lot of complex ingredients in their mixes. They are written out on the box in legible print that doesn’t require you to squint. No mixes of obscure natural flavors, colors additives–just plain ingredients that you could grab from your own pantry, if you really wanted. And that is one of the main ideas behind this company: If you cannot recognize the ingredients, then your body won’t either. That is why they do not include anything artificial.

I appreciate that.

I come from a household where store-bought mixes are not exactly celebrated because “of all the processed junk”. I’m sure many of you can relate. This Simple Mills muffin mix makes me feel much better.

Simple Mills Muffin Baked

Simple Ingredients = Simple Bake

As I mentioned before, I do enjoy baking, but I too enjoy convenience. On weekends, I have more time to test recipes and work on my reviews, but some weekends I just want to clean the house and relax after a long week. Having something like this Simple Mills muffin mix on hand allowed for me to take only 5 minutes out of my morning routine to get these muffins in the oven. In between cleaning and laundry, I was able to bake delicious muffins that would be ready to enjoy for the weekend. All it took was mixing everything together in one bowl, filling a muffin tin, and letting it bake in the oven for 20 minutes. That simple.

This box yields 12 muffins or 1 load of banana bread, which is excellent. I made muffins just because I figured it would be easier to split up. Save some muffins for the weekend and freeze the rest for another day.

Simple Mills Muffin Mix Done

Would I Buy This Again? YES.

I’ve tried a handful of mixes from different companies, but what I can appreciate about Simple Mills baking mixes is their transparency regarding their ingredients. I admit when I bought this Banana muffin mix, I was afraid that it would be full of that…artificial banana flavor that you’d often see in candy. When I tasted these muffins, I just tasted regular banana. REAL banana.

Honestly, if I didn’t say that this was a box mix, I don’t think anyone could tell the difference between these and ones made from scratch. Truly the only difference is that all the dry ingredients are all measured out for me in a bag that I just need to pour into a bowl. Mix. Pour. Bake. Simple. That’s it.

The baking instructions are very simple, so as long as you have a working oven, you will be able to get the desired results of delicious banana muffins without breaking a sweat.

I will absolutely be buying this mix again in the future as well as the other mixes that are available from Simple Mills.

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