How To Make A Strawberry Matcha Latte

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Some days require multiple cups of coffee, but what do you do on those days when you’re either out of coffee or just want to try something different to hit that caffeinated sweet spot?

If your answer isn’t: Make Matcha lattes, then we’ll work on changing that!

I’ve always been a fan of matcha in all its forms, but it’s recently that I’ve explored recipes for making your own matcha lattes that have a little bit more…oomph.

Morgan Eckroth on Youtube and Tiktok is an incredibly inspirational creator behind imaginative caffeinated drinks. While most of their creations are coffee-based, I did come across a video focusing primarily on matcha and the suggested ways to use it in drinks. All of the recommended drinks sounded delicious, but I decided to focus on one, which was the Strawberry Matcha Latte!

To follow along, you can find the video on Morgan’s Channel right -> here!

Making The Syrup For The Matcha Latte

I have to point out that one of my all-time favorite bubble tea flavors is…strawberry matcha. When I saw the opportunity to make a matcha latte on my own, there was no way that I was going to pass this up. The strawberry syrup used in this recipe is very simple to make, although I admit it will take some time as this requires a double strain. First with a fine mesh sieve and then with cheesecloth. This double-strain method really allows you to get all the strawberry particles out of the syrup so you’re just left with the thick, sweet, and vibrant syrup.

I admit this was my first time straining something using a cheesecloth and it got quite messy…and sticky. Haha!

This is quite nice to have on hand to use in other desserts or drinks that you want to brighten up.
I ended up making a strawberry milk latte after this and it was quite fun to switch it up from my regular lattes.

This stays good for a bit as long as it’s refrigerated. If you don’t like the strawberry flavor, you can certainly use other berries, but I must say that the combination of strawberry and matcha is simply…iconic.

What Matcha Should I Be Using For My Latte?

That’s a really good question. I’ve been using culinary-grade matcha, which can be good for baking as well as lattes. I’ve also seen people using ceremonial matcha for their lattes. While I am not an expert on matcha, I do recommend doing some research too as you decide on the matcha you’d like to use. I’ll say that with the culinary-grade matcha, the color isn’t quite as vibrant as you may see in other videos.

Once I’m one with this pack of matcha powder, I’ll likely try out the ceremonial grade to see the difference for myself :).

Matcha latte done

What Milk Should I Be Using For The Matcha Latte?

Whichever milk is your favorite :). Honestly, it’s that simple. Morgan paired this latte with oat milk due to its creaminess. Being gluten-free, oats have unfortunately become the enemy unless they are clearly labeled “gluten-free”. So, my fellow gluten-intolerant friends…be wary of the oats if not labeled safe.

I do, however, agree that the milk should be creamier, so you can skip the fat-free milk or whatever is out there and enjoy something creamier, like whole milk! Now…if you cannot have milk, then please use whatever milk alternative that you can have without tummy troubles.

This is a tummy-trouble-safe space. We’re in this together!

Matcha Latte done

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

I absolutely love how simple it is to have a cafe experience in your own home under Morgan’s guidance. Making this strawberry matcha latte was such a nice treat to have on hand during the week. If I didn’t feel like making an afternoon coffee, I swapped in my matcha and carried on the for the day. I love that it’s not very heavy and the nice bit of sweetness from the syrup brightens up the matcha even further.

This is definitely a drink I’ll be making again. I feel like during the pandemic it was all about the fancy cocktails we could make at home on our own. Now that things have calmed down a bit, I’ve moved on to tasty caffeinated drinks! I blame all those delicious-looking Tiktoks I’ve seen of people sharing their daily coffee creations!

For those who don’t care for matcha due to its bitter taste, then I recommend having some sort of sweetener with it. Whether it’s this syrup or perhaps something else. Matcha is a wonderful option for caffeine that can be enjoyed in so many ways. Lattes just happen to be my favorite lately.

Are you a fan of matcha? Or do you have a favorite way you make your coffee? Let me know in the comments below!

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