Schar Gluten-Free Ladyfingers

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Gluten-Free Ladyfingers: Are They Any Good?

Hello friends!

If you’ve been following me on social media, then you might have caught glimpses of my love for Schar gluten-free products. Unfortunately, not all these delightful products are available in most stores, so I’ve been holding off on ordering these ladyfingers. But I really wanted to make tiramisu this weekend, and what does that require? Oh my god–ladyfingers. Amazing.

My dears–you can ALWAYS make ladyfingers from scratch, but…I’m here to review products, okay? 😉

So, this review is going to be a combo, really. We’ll be discussing Schar’s Gluten-Free Ladyfingers as well as the recipe I used for this tiramisu.

To start off, I purchased these ladyfingers off Amazon, as it was the easiest way for me to get my hands on them. Mind you, it was not cheap, so if you can get these in person at a local store–I will light a candle for you so you can find them. If you really want to try these and cannot find them in stores, then here is this handy-dandy link: Schar Gluten-Free Ladyfingers

As for the tiramisu–we are going to use the recipe from Let Them Eat Gluten Free Cake (lol I love that blog title so much). You can find the recipe right -> here!

Schar Gluten-Free Ladyfingers

Schar Gluten-Free Ladyfinger Taste Test

Before you can make a tiramisu, you have to do some quality control of the ladyfingers, right? The answer is always yes. For review purposes, of course, I wanted to compare these gluten-free ladyfingers against those that are not…gluten-free. I only had my memory to reference, but I think my memory did alright.

These ladyfingers are…exactly what you want them to be like. The gluten-free fear is that any cookie or pastry is too crumbly, dry, and just not quite…right. These ladyfingers had me doing a double-take thinking “I can’t believe this is gluten-free”. The texture is exactly what you want it to be. They are semi-sweet and perfect for desserts that call for ladyfingers as an ingredients. When dipped in the coffee mixture for the tiramisu, they absorbed the liquid SUPER fast. In other words, they reacted exactly as expected. I seriously cannot wait to see how they hold up tomorrow (yes, I am writing this as I wait the the overnight set of this dessert 😀 ).

So, I think it is safe to say that these pass the ladyfinger taste test. Are they worth it?

Schar Gluten-Free Ladyfingers

On the Schar website, these ladyfingers are priced at 6.99 USD (without shipping). On Amazing? 13.43 USD. It’s certainly not a cheap product, but it does taste great and is simply…a gluten-free ladyfinger that you can use in many desserts, not just tiramisu. I think that if you’re making something specific and need to satisfy a gluten-free requirement, either for yourself or others…I think these are a no-brainer.

It’s the price, however, that had me hesitate for so long. I mean, I used up almost 2 packs of these just to make the tiramisu (FOR A SMALLER DISH) and that was 23 USD. YIKES. If you’re really looking to save money, then I’d recommend trying to make these yourself if you cannot find this product in stores. Ordering for delivery is just…quite a punch to the gut with those prices.

Schar, I love you, but how many candles must I light for you to be stocked in all my favorite grocery stores?!

Schar Gluten-Free Ladyfingers

But Grey? What About The Tiramisu?

Oh right! We had a recipe to review, right? 🙂

This recipe was insanely simple to follow. No cooking, no crazy ingredients, just…tiramisu. What I appreciate about this recipe is that it also includes a recipe for homemade ladyfingers, so if you’re craving this dessert, but do not have access to Schar’s products, then this recipe post will have you covered from start to finish!

I’ve seen so many variations of tiramisu recipes, but I admit the this one appeared the easiest and the quickest.

Schar Gluten-Free Ladyfingers

After letting the tiramisu set overnight, the dessert kept its shape nicely when scooped onto a plate. Of course, it is meant to be consumed chilled, so if you leave it for too long, it will run. That is typical of the dessert, of course.

If you’re making tiramisu for the first time, then I absolutely recommend this recipe to try. Whether you’re using homemade ladyfingers or Schar’s gluten-free ladyfingers…this will be an excellent recipe to use to make this delicious treat. Some days you just have to let yourself indulge!

As I am someone who likes to utilize different products (a lot of the time for reviews), I would certainly purchase these ladyfingers again for not only tiramisu but other desserts and treats that would call for this ingredient. I’d say convenience would be the number one reason for me to make the purchase again, especially when I do not have the time to make them from scratch. If these ladyfingers were stocked on shelves of the stores I frequent, then I’d be even more inclined to make the purchase.

So…final thoughts here: I think Schar’s Gluten-free ladyfingers are EXCELLENT, but they’re definitely on the pricier side. If you’re in a bind and cannot make them yourself, or just don’t want to–I think these are as close to a 1:1 recreation of regular ladyfingers as we can find on the market…as of right now ;).

If you’re curious about other products, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to try them!

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