How To Make a Twix Cookie And Make It Gluten-Free

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For Father’s Day I asked my dad what he wanted to do for his day. Did he want to go out somewhere? Did he want a gift? We’re the type of people who will ask each other. There’s no point in doing something that the other won’t enjoy. Keeps everyone happy. What he did agree to, however, was letting me bake something for him.

I’m still very much new to baking, but I think I stumbled across a brilliant human in terms of gluten-free baking.

So let’s pause here for a quick moment.

The reason I’ve been eager and happy to bake again is 100% because of Katarina Cermelj or Kat for short. Better yet, you may already know them as The Loopy Whisk on their socials. Kat is a brilliant recipe developer and overall food scientist who has brought freaking MAGIC to gluten-free baking.

For my birthday last year, I had asked for her cookbook: Baked To Perfection. If you’re gluten-free, have friends and family who are gluten-free–get it. Everything I’ve made so far from her book has brought me to tears. Why? Because I couldn’t tell the difference between a gluten-free lemon loaf and a gluten lemon loaf I remember having at even…Starbucks.

Long story short, you’ll be seeing a lot more reviews of these recipes!

This recipe is, of course, by The Loopy Whisk and you can find the recipe right -> here!

Making The Twix Cookie: Gluten-Free Shortbread

Anytime there is a recipe for a cookie, I panic for just a moment, because “What about the flour?” I think that is just the continued stress in gluten-free cooking. It’s the plain truth–those all-purpose gluten-free mixes aren’t all the same and those mixes will not react the same way with different baked good. I have decided to give those up especially since making Katarina’s recipes.

I have been using a mix of Buckwheat flour, Millet flour, and Tapioca flour for my gluten-free mix that I’ve made myself per Katarina’s book. This mix has worked wonders on the few recipes that I’ve tried for baked goods. You can learn more about gluten-free flour mixes here however, I still do recommend purchasing the cookbook. There’s so much smart science included that will help you understand gluten-free baking so much better.


Okay, as you can tell, I get really into talking about this stuff, but let’s get back to the shortbread for the Twix cookie. Once you mix all the ingredients together, you wouldn’t think the it would come together into a smooth ball as the recipe states. I honestly looked in the bowl and went “huh…was the butter not soft enough?” “Do I need more butter? More milk?” Basically, if the mix looks like a sandy texture, then ditch the spoon and bring in the clean hands.

The beauty of working with gluten-free dough is that you can’t overwork it! Knead it as much as you need until it comes together to form a smooth ball. It’s possible! Seriously!

And the tip of rolling the dough between two sheets of parchment paper? It’s a must. Flouring the surface and rolling just doesn’t work the same way as it would for glutinous dough. Plus, easy cleanup 😉

Once these cookies bake, they come out so delightfully crisp. You know…like shortbread. They are not too sweet and the texture is exactly what you want it to be. If you follow the recipe exactly, then I know you will get the same result. So that’s it–layer one of the Twix cookie? Done.

The Caramel For The Twix Cookie

I’ve never made homemade caramel before, but I’ve seen multiple ways it could be made. This recipe results in a delicious, sweet, and creamy caramel that just completes that second layer of the Twix cookie. It does take a little bit of time and it certainly isn’t a hands-off type of preparation. You definitely need to keep a close eye on all of your cookies, but more importantly when you’re working with hot sugar.

While the steps are very easy to follow, I do recommend that you have a food thermometer handy. You will absolutely need it for any sugar work.

Honestly, store-bought vs homemade? No comparison. Go with the homemade and pickup some Golden Syrup, too!

Putting The Gluten-Free Twix Together!

While melting chocolate isn’t difficult, this final part of making these Twix cookies is more so about timing. You have to let the cookies cool down slightly. You have to let the caramel cool down to a temperature where you can pipe it onto the cookies. And guess what? Yes, you have to cool the chocolate down slightly so it doesn’t make the caramel runny.

Again, nothing overly complicated. It just need a little bit of time.

Once done, allow for your chocolate to set before biting into the cookies. The wait is worth it for this sweet treat. I promise you.

Gluten Free Twix

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

For someone who doesn’t bake often, I was surprised to see how well these came out. Now add on that this is gluten-free baking? Mind-blowing. But let’s be serious here. This recipe for gluten-free caramel cookies, or let’s just call them Twix, is fantastic. Yes, it does take a bit of time in between layers, but the end result is certainly something you’d feel proud serving to your friends and family.

These are definitely ultra sweet, but will make for a great little treat with some tea or coffee.

I did not have any difficulty with making this treat. I didn’t have to modify anything either. Honestly?? That’s awesome. I know my husband can confirm that any time I bake something and it doesn’t turn out, then I end up in a foul mood because I don’t like these types of failures, haha. I was in a pretty good mood after I made these ;).

So, take it from me. The Loopy Whisk is your answer to delicious gluten-free baking.

I will be trying many more recipes, so you can bet on more of these reviews!

Is there a sweet treat that you like to make for friends and family? Gluten-free or not, let me know in the comments below!

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