Feel Good Foods: Gluten-Free Frozen Snacks & More!

Feel Good Foods: Gluten-Free Snacking and Entertaining Made Easy!

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I was thinking about this on my way to the grocery store today that I’ve been totally gluten-free for almost 3.5 years. Wild. While I have no trouble making my own food or advocating for myself while I am out, I certainly do not expect the same from my friends or family. They’re wonderful in helping accommodate, however, it’s not as easy when they don’t have to look for these products for themselves.

One of THE biggest hurdles that I’ve faced is entertaining–mostly when we go out. If you’re gluten-free, I’m sure you’ve heard this on more than one occasion: “What can you eat?” I don’t know, Sally–maybe that old carrot in the back of your fridge? Hah! Okay, let’s be serious. Your friends and family are doing their best and luckily there are a lot more options these days for 100% gluten-free certified snacks that are just as fun as you used to enjoy.

Let’s get to it–today, we’re talking about Feel Good Foods. A company that makes frozen gluten-free snacks, appetizers, breakfast, and more. You can check out their website right -> here!

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Do These Taste Good? Would My Non GF Folks Like It?

For my taste test, I bought three different products: mozzarella sticks, vegetable potstickers, and chicken egg rolls. You know…for variety. I do still recall what each of these tasted like before going gluten-free, so I thought that was a bit helpful.

All three of these products were easy to prepare and tasted great! They crisped up nicely, cooked evenly, and overall looked and tasted just like the regular appetizers you’d expect to see at a restaurant or well…another frozen food pack that you missed!

When it comes to gluten-free food, it’s such a texture journey, but Feel Good Foods has done an excellent job in curating these foods that everyone can enjoy without feeling left out.

I had my husband taste the gluten-free chicken egg roll and he really enjoyed it. He’s typically my taste tester to determine if these snacks…”pass”. Listen, the days of gluten-free snacks being “other-ed” and not tasty are OVER. Feel Good Foods just makes including everyone so much easier.

So if it’s taste that is keeping you on the fence…go for it! These are AWESOME!

Is The Gluten-Free Price Tag Worth It?

It’s no secret that groceries are more expensive than they ever were. Plus, if you’re gluten-free then well…you know. It’s a struggle out there. Feel Good Foods snacks, appetizers, and breakfast options aren’t on the cheaper end, however you have to consider how often you’re buying them.

If you’re needing these items for a gathering, or to have on hand as an “emergency hosting app”, then the price tag is worth it. Keep them in your freezer and prepare them when you need to wow your guests with “Wow, I can’t believe this is gluten-free!” 😉

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Would I Buy These Again?

100%. I haven’t explored much when it comes to frozen gluten-free food, especially appetizers. So having these options available at a store that doesn’t have me go out of my way? Perfection. This brand also includes plenty of other options, such as pizzas, burritos, different varieties of potstickers, etc.

Feel Good Foods is a brand worth exploring. I certainly cannot wait to try more of their items and look forward to seeing what new products they release as time goes on.

Forget feeling left out at parties or not knowing what to have on hand for your gluten-free friends and family–do yourself a favor and pick up a box of your favorite gluten-free appetizer or snack and you won’t be disappointed!

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