Introverts Retreat: Monthly Bookish Self-Care Box!

Introverts Retreat: A Monthly Bookish Subscription

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If you’re looking to curate a moment for yourself or someone who loves settling in with a good book, then I have a fantastic subscription service to talk about today! Over the past three months, I’ve been reviewing a service called Introverts Retreat.

This service is LOVELY! You have the opportunity to pick a book, and enjoy some lovely goodies that can help create a wonderful experience.

Before we get into the review, here is where you can sign up for this subscription. Riiiight -> here!

Introverts Retreat

Do You Get Random Books?

NO–unless you miss an email 😉

Introverts Retreat truly creates an opportunity for you to select the experience you want to have. About a week before your box is shipped, you should receive an email from Introverts Retreat that will allow you pick a book from their library. You’ll receive a code to make your selection on their website–that way you get the book that you want!

Their library has a pretty good selection of books for you to pick from. And yes–there is a good variety of genres. I prefer the romance genre, so I had that section to pick from when I was choosing books. Navigating the website is also quite simple, which is nice.

Now…if you miss the cut-off for picking your book, you will still get one, of course! However, a random book would then be sent to you. If you’re okay with that, then that’s no problem.

But because this subscription service allows for you to pick a book you will be happy with (hopefully!), then I think it’s just wise to not miss that email :).

Is The Price Worth It?

If you sign up for a monthly box, then you’re looking at $45.99 per month. That includes a book of your choice, a sweet treat, a candle, a handmade soap, bath salt (or shower steamer), and your choice of loose leaf tea, hot chocolate, or ground coffee. All together…that’s pretty awesome for the price!

Now, when you’re signing up, you do have the opportunity to save some money with a sign-up discount. Also, you can shave off a couple more dollars by signing up for a longer commitment. So, there are certainly ways to save some money and enjoy this subscription.

Now…at what moment would this not be worth it? I’d say that if you cannot find a book you’re interested in after a month or two, then I’d say that maybe the service isn’t for you. The entire package is awesome, but for almost $50 dollars per month…you’d want to enjoy the ENTIRE package, which would include the book.

Is This Box Worth It?

I think that Introverts Retreat is definitely worth it for a number of reasons, but before we get to that…I’d like to stress that this may not always be good for a MONTHLY subscription, but perhaps a quarterly box. This continues to go back to being able to find a book that you’re interested in receiving every single time.

Now…I think this is absolutely worth trying out OR purchasing this as a gift for someone. This is such a wonderful experience–enjoying a good book that is accompanied by so many lovely goodies that are branded as being from Introverts Retreat. This is truly such an awesome box that can be treated as a singular product. It’s…an experience. A delightful bookish self-care experience.

For that reason I think that this service is worth the attention. Truly.

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