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I Subscribed To Hunt A Killer, So Let’s Break It Down!

Whether you’re a mystery enthusiast or looking for a game night activity to bring the the table, Hunt A Killer may just be your new favorite obsession!

Hunt A Killer is an online store and subscription service that brings murder mysteries to your doorstep. And I say that they are both an online store AND a subscription because you have the option of purchasing entire “seasons” in the store or having it split up into monthly deliveries as a subscription.

There are price differences with all of those options, which is exactly what I’ll be covering in today’s review:

When signing up for Hunt A Killer, should you sign up for a monthly subscription, the 6 month pre-pay, or just buy the entire season?

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Hunt a Killer

Price Differences For Hunt A Killer

Before we get too deep into this subscription, I know what you’re all thinking –how much does all of this cost? This service is a little more involved than just a singular option of “subscribe to get your box!”

This service has a few options:

  • Basic (Monthly Billing)
  • Full Season (6 Month Prepay/ Billed Every 6 Months)
  • Double Season (12 month prepay/Billed Every 12 Months)

I ended up starting my subscription with the monthly option in order to assess my age old question of “Is It Worth It?” Spoiler: it’s not. I love being able to have a monthly option for subscriptions, but after going through one month of this service, it felt like I was tossing my money into a pit.

Hunt A Killer (when setup as a subscription), is an episodic mystery game, so regardless if you prepay for a season or if you stick with monthly…you will get one episode per month. It spaces things out, for sure but you tend to reframe things in your head once see money going out the window each month.

If you wanted the entire season shipped to you at a fixed price, then I would recommend ordering directly from the online shop rather than signing up for the subscription.

When each monthly box costs ~38 USD + tax, you end up spending about 228 USD for an entire season, assuming that each season consists of 6 episodes. If you ended up choosing the prepay option, you’d only pay 165 USD for the entire season. That’s a significant chunk of change.

So to really summarize this–if you like a subscription format, go for the prepay. It’s cheaper and you actually end up enjoying it more knowing you didn’t have to spend more 😉

Hunt A Killer playing

How Much Play Time Do You Get With Hunt A Killer?

The answer to this question is very much the reason I decided to change my subscription tier. Each episode plays out like…a murder mystery episode. You receive a package with an objective for the episode. Once you solve the objective, you get informed that another package will be on the way to continue narrowing down “Who is behind the murder?”

This is great if you regularly host game nights, but it’s also a great single-player game. Is this something that can take up an entire evening? When done in this episodic way, I’d say no. Each episode that I’ve played through alone (3 so far), I was able to complete in 30 min – 1 hour. That’s with reading every bit of evidence and really taking my time because I was recording.

So you can imagine, when I completed the first episode in 45 minutes and I had paid 38+ USD for under an hour of playtime…

I really contemplated cutting this subscription experience short. As much as I want to stick with every subscription for the full time I intend…I couldn’t justify spending all that money. For those who don’t know, I don’t get these subscription boxes for free, and I don’t get paid for my reviews, so it’s certainly a budget strain when it’s just not…worth it.

To complete this review, I reached out to Hunt A Killer support to adjust my subscription to the prepaid season. They simply adjusted my plan and I only had to pay the difference. Not. Bad. At. All. As I mentioned earlier–I definitely enjoyed the next episode a lot more knowing all I had to do was…play it.

If you’re looking for the full season without having to wait a full month between episodes, then definitely skip the subscription and get the full season in the shop.

Hunt a Killer review

What About The Quality?

I love a good murder mystery, which is why I wanted to try this service in the first place. But what was really going to win my love was the overall presentation. The monthly episode arrives in a box that is VERY clearly labeled “Hunt A Killer”. Complete with blood splatter! Super cool! Inside you have a large envelope full of physical evidence, like textures papers, pamphlets, medical reports, and even other items like rings, necklaces, letter openers, etc. In addition to the items in the envelope, there is an online aspect that has you “log into a secure computer” to converse with the person sending you the evidence.

I LOVE that feature so much. It’s truly mixed media and it helps make this game a much more immersive experience. Once you actually get to playing, you can truly get lost in having a good time.

Despite my official review of Hunt a Killer being finished, I am really excited to play the remaining 3 episodes of this season.

Is Hunt a Killer Worth Checking Out? Yes!

If you are in the market for a fun and immersive murder mystery–that is a bit more adult, then Hunt a Killer should be at the top of your list. The evidence you receive is both physical and digital, which really draws you in to the story. You’re actually touching evidence and having to problem solve which is lot of fun on those days you want to exercise your brain a little more.

Though the monthly pricing is a killer, I think prepaying or purchasing the full season makes it completely worth it. Hunt a Killer advertises their game as cheaper than a night out with friends, which makes sense. But just like a night out with friends…there isn’t a duplicate repetition of this game.

That would be the only downside to this service: replay value. But if that isn’t your driving force behind purchasing a game, then I recommend Hunt A Killer to you once more.

Have you tried Hunt a Killer before? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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