Scentbird -2023 Fragrance Subscription Review

Spice Up Your Fragrance Collection

Hello friends!

Over the last three months, I’ve spent some time with a fragrance subscription service called Scentbird. That’s right. A service that sends you fragrances that jazz up your collection, or lack thereof, if you’re like me!

With the pandemic not as loud in our lives, perhaps we’re trying to get out more. Perhaps we have more occasions to dress up for, or you just like be at home and smell nice! Whatever the situation–Scentbird adds some flavor to your fragrance options.

To give you a better idea of what Scentbird is, take a look at their website here and I’ll keep chatting away about my experience the last three months with this service.

How Does Scentbird Work?

So we have the main point of Scentbird. It’s a fragrance subscription service. Meaning, you get sent fragrances on a regular basis. Be it every month, every other month, skip some months–whatever! It’s not a one-time purchase as you would have at a regular retail cosmetics counter. Frankly, it’s less stressful!

Just like every other subscription service, the website has you create a profile that guides you through some questions that essentially build your fragrance likes and dislikes. They will need to know where to start! Of course, as you begin receiving your fragrances, you will have an opportunity to leave reviews on whether or not you like the fragrances you received. This continues to shape your profile.

In addition, when it’s time for your next box to be curated, you can actually see what is included and you can move things out of the queue if you know FOR SURE you will not like the fragrance, or perhaps you may already own it. So you still have control over what you’re getting.

Me? I didn’t make any changes. I was going to let the Scentbird fates dazzle me with their suggestions ;).

The Pricing With Scentbird

Like any subscription service, you want to consider how much is this going to cost you in the long run. Whether you sign up for a month, three months, or a full year–it does add up.

Scentbird is designed on a tier system.

  • Tier 1 – 1 fragrance per month – 16.95 USD/month (You should be able to get a discount on your first box)
  • Tier 2 – 2 fragrances per month – 27 USD/month
  • Tier 3 – 3 fragrances per month – 37 USD/month

Your very first box will come with one of those cute cases that lock. You can use it for your other deliveries because once they unlock, you can replace the fragrance vial. But as we learned on our second month: if we want more cases, that would be an additional subscription at 10 USD/month. I personally didn’t find the value in that.

I think overall these prices are reasonable for what you’re getting. Now, do I see someone choosing to receive 3 fragrances every month for a year? No. Not at all. That’s a lot of fragrances that you may not even use up.

The way that I look at this is: use Scentbird as a way to explore new fragrances at a sample size. You get a nice sample of the product and at a great variety too. It’s cheaper than getting one full-size at a fragrance counter at the store, right?

If I signed on with Scentbird for a full year, I would still choose to stay with the tier 1 subscription. Even getting 3 in one month was just too much. Plus, I only liked 2 of the 3 fragrances.

Scentbird Unboxing Videos!

I spent three months with Scentbird, which means: three unboxing videos! They are all up on my Youtube channel, so please do check them out! These videos cover the full unboxing and sampling of each month’s delivery. For my reviews this year, I am using a grading scale that breaks down the following: State of the Shipment, Quality of the Product, and “Is it worth it?”. These three areas can potentially total 30 points.

The average score for Scentbird ended up being 27.33/30. I will cover my reasoning why below.

Is Scentbird Worth It?

Like any subscription service, I love when I’m given the option to shape my profile based off my interests. I like that a service takes notice that I prefer fresh scents over heavy and bold scents. I also like to have the option to skip months if I have enough fragrances piled up. Scentbird has all that available and very easy to adjust in their user-friendly interface. I appreciate that.

Scentbird is designed to introduce you to fragrances you might not have known about or considered. In a delightful sample size, you can take these fragrances anywhere! I think this services does exactly what it was designed to do. I wouldn’t change it.

But…is it worth sticking around with Scentbird for an extended period of time? That is a matter of opinion. Do you like fragrances more than clothes? More than other lifestyle items? Then it may indeed be worth it. You may want to stick to a monthly Tier 1 subscription so your fragrances don’t pile high too quickly, but it would be worth it for you.

For me? I do not overuse fragrances. I’ll have a spritz or two on my wrists and that would be it. So the 6 fragrances I received for this review will certainly last me a long time!

So if you’re curious about new fragrances, then I do recommend you check out at least the Tier 1 subscription with Scentbird. It will give you a taste and let you decide if this is one you want to stick with for the long haul.

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