Delicious Gluten-Free Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits

Buttermilk Cheddar Biscuits Ready For Any Occasion!

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One of my favorite quick breads are biscuits! They’re soft, buttery, crispy in the right places, and just to stinking good! As you may have guessed by now–making anything gluten-free now isn’t impossible. You just have to have a good recipe to follow.

This week we’re trying another recipe (apparently an updated one!) by The Loopy Whisk for some delightful gluten-free buttermilk cheddar biscuits!

You can find the recipe right -> here!

gluten-free biscuits

Are These Gluten-Free Biscuits Really All That Different?

Biscuits are always meant to be a bread that can be whipped up very quickly. When making anything gluten-free, or well, just being a beginner baker, you still find that moment to worry. “What if I’m taking longer?” “What if the butter melts and I don’t keep the dough cold enough” Ya know, just the standard baking anxiety ;).

These gluten-free biscuits are just like regular gluten-containing biscuits. The main difference is the type of flour you use and the bit of psyllium husk and xanthan gum. Besides those ingredients, the technique is the same. You measure out the dry ingredients, add in the cold, cubed butter, and work it into the dry ingredients until they are pea-sized little clumps. Mix in the remaining ingredients and work quickly to get everything combined.

The instructions provided by Kat are very easy to follow and the step-by-step pictures in the first half of her post are always very helpful in terms of “Is this coming out as it should?”. If you’re one of those people who scroll down to the recipe, slow down a bit for this one :). Unless you’re already a biscuit-making pro, then you do you! 🙂

gluten-free biscuits before baking

Working With The Biscuit Dough

This gluten-free biscuit dough does come together after a few gentle kneads. Does it form a perfect ball? No. You actually don’t want that. Get the biscuit dough into the most uniform shape as quickly as possible, because the longer you work the dough, the sooner the butter and melt.

Once the dough is worked into a uniform shape, you will need to split it into four pieces that will be stacked on top of each other. Those lovely layers will help make the biscuits nice and flakey! From there you can gently press the layers down, so you can gently roll the dough out to cut out 8 individual biscuits.

Now, Kat most definitely mastered the craft of these biscuits, meanwhile, I am making these for the second time, so we’re still looking a bit…rustic. I made these for Thanksgiving and they turned out great! I had some leftover ingredients that I didn’t want going bad, so I decided to whip these up again so that I could share them with you all in a proper review!

gluten-free biscuits

Do These Biscuits Get A Good Rise?

Short answer is: Yes.

The gluten-free biscuits do get a good rise and color from the bake at a high temperature. That’s what encourages the dough to rise quickly and bake until done.

A few years ago, my husband and I spent our first anniversary in Seattle where we got to try gluten-free biscuits at Honest Biscuits. These were so flaky and buttery, and just…perfection. All that flavor in a gluten-free cheddar biscuit that I didn’t think I would be able to enjoy again. If you’d like a refresher on our Seattle trip with all my gluten-free finds, you can find if right -> here!

The reason I bring this up is that when I bit into a warm biscuit that I had just made–I had a sensory memory of enjoying that biscuit in Seattle. The texture is right. The flavor is right. This recipe is a must-try and it doesn’t have to look perfect.

Making these a second time, I was able to get the same results. Once again–this recipe works.

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

I…feel like a broken record at this point, haha. The Loopy Whisk has become my first place to look for baking recipes. Whether it’s cakes or breads, I find that their recipes yield more success than I’ve had in a long time. Mind you, it’s very rarely perfect on the first try, but still passable, I’d say. Execution with baking always takes a bit more practice, but this was…great.

These cheddar biscuits were very easy to make, low-stress, and they taste great! Once cooled, you can always warm them up in the microwave for a couple of seconds, or even have them at room temperature is-my too. This is certainly a recipe that I have already saved for repeats.

One thing that I will mention about Kat–it’s only recently that they started sharing more savory recipes, which is music to my ears! I enjoy sweets here and there, but cakes and cookies, and all that? I love making them for reviews, but not so much for keeping around the house when there’s no special occasion 😉

Regardless, I look forward to trying more recipes and sharing my experiences with you all. The Loopy Whisk, Kat–you’ve given me the confidence to bake again, even when things don’t turn out the first time, I don’t get discouraged. For that, I thank you.

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