Blended Curried Cauliflower Soup

Curried Cauliflower Soup

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Whether you’re having a grand get together, or perhaps something more intimate. Maybe you’re going all out and having a dinner party–ya know, where you set the menu and have food come out in courses? This week’s recipe up for review is a great option any day of the week, but it’s also nice enough to present to a small group (unless you choose to double the recipe 😉 )

Today we’ll be talking about a Curried Cauliflower Soup that is beautiful in color as it in in seasonal flavor.

When you’re thinking of holidays and gatherings, you don’t necessarily think of soup, but I think it should still be an option. With this recipe as it is presented, you can easily feed 4-6 folks with just a “starter” amount of soup. If you’re making this as a regular dinner serving, then I’d say 2-3 servings at most. So, if you need to feed more mouths, then calculate accordingly.

This yummy soup is by Cookie and Kate and you can find the recipe right -> here!

cauliflower soup

The Cauliflower…

I grew up not being the biggest fan of cauliflower. I’m very much a texture-person. If it’s boiled to the point of mush, I don’t even want to smell it. It still doesn’t leave me feeling settled. But here…you have cauliflower in two ways. Mainly, it is roasted in the oven for a delicious topping to be served on the soup, but half of that roasted deliciousness is dropped right into the soup to then be blended up. So you have it blended into a smooth soup and also something to bite–that nice roasted floret really complements the soup with each spoonful.

One key thing I’d like to add: use more cauliflower than you think you need. Not a massive amount a little extra than you think you may need. I bought mine packaged, so I may want to consider using two packs.

I ended up transferring half the cauliflower I roasted to the soup, which left only a little to top the bowls when I was ready to serve.

Is This Curried Cauliflower Soup Spicy?

When making this soup, I used 3 full tablespoons of the Thai Red Chili paste and it only gave the soup a nice warmth, really. There is a little tingle, but even with a lower heat tolerance should have no issue with this. I think if you added a minimal amount, then the soup wouldn’t be quite as…defined in its flavor, despite having other spices.

If you are making this 100% gluten-free, I highly recommend checking your chili paste packaging. Thai Kitchen does sell Celiac-safe Thai chili paste. 🙂

If you’re on the fence about making this due to the use of the chili paste, then please do reconsider. It truly isn’t like adding a habanero pepper into the entire soup. Making this recipe as-is gives the soup a nice warmth to it that is just excellent when you blend everything together. All the flavors balance together without anything being more overpowering.

cauliflower soup blending

The Cauliflower Soup After Blending

I do have some feedback about the soup once everything roasted, simmered, and blended. I think it might have been the amount of cauliflower that I added into the soup because my soup most definitely wasn’t thickened up like it was in the pictures on the recipe page.

A few thoughts here: either not enough cauliflower added, or…perhaps a missing step or recommendation on the directions.

After being blended up, my soup was certainly thicker, but still not thick enough to support the weight of the roasted cauliflower florets.

My suggestion would be to put the soup back on the stove after blending to further reduce it. Now, my soup wasn’t unpleasant to eat, but…this is mostly to inform you that even after following the recipe exactly, you may want to further reduce your soup so it is more thickened up.

cauliflower soup taste test

Grey’s Grade: 4.5/5

If you’re looking for a seasonal soup that isn’t heavy on the cream and potatoes and all the jazz–I highly recommend that you give this recipe a try. The roasted cauliflower is such a refreshing flavor that I honestly didn’t think that I would enjoy. Roasting the florets for topping and as an addition into the soup really kicks the flavor to another level. So…don’t go easy on the cauliflower. Ha! I never thought I’d say/write that!

This is definitely a soup that can very easily be presented as a lovely starter for a holiday dinner party, or simply enjoyed by your household. It’s certainly one that will be added into my seasonal rotation.

The only reason I can’t give this a full 5/5 is that I wish there was even just a mention, a suggestion of: if your soup isn’t thickened to your liking, then continue to reduce over a gentle simmer. Or…something like that. Honestly, that’s all. For the folks who have never made a blended soup and wanted to try…it’s nice to have that as a “just in case” rather than having the result of a soup that is just a bit too thin to be qualified as a successful attempt of this recipe.

Just a thought :).

What are your favorite soups to make this season? Let me know in the comments below!

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