Gluten-Free White Bread

It’s Time. I Did The Thing. Gluten-Free Bread.

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I didn’t think I’d make this review, but I was sitting at home on a Sunday wondering what I could do with some extra time I had after we put up our Christmas tree. Leave it to me to scroll through Instagram only to find that Kat posted yet another delightful recipe for…gluten-free white bread.

Seems that this recipe came about when Kat kept seeing recipe after recipe for yummy garlic bread. Of course, being gluten-free, we still want to partake in all these delicious trends!

I kept telling myself that before this year was up…I’d finally try to make a loaf of bread. So I’ll be sharing my first experience of following this recipe for gluten-free white bread!

To get started, let’s follow along with Kat’s (The Loopy Whisk’s) recipe which you can find right -> here!

gluten-free white bread

Ingredients For The Gluten-Free White Bread

If you’re familiar with bread baking, then these ingredients aren’t all too far off from what you’d normally have. Of course, with gluten-free baking, your dry ingredients are just a little bit different. You have a combination of different flours and of course, our friend, psyllium husk.

Working with these ingredients is quite nice because you can knead and knead this dough until you are really satisfied with the texture without worrying about overworking the gluten. Ya know…because there’s no gluten! 😀 Ha!

So, basically like all bread baking…if you have your typical baking ingredients, you could whip this bread loaf up without breaking a sweat.

gluten-free white bread

The Proofing For The Gluten-Free White Bread

I always find myself worrying about the rise of any pastry, especially when it’s gluten-free. This loaf, ideally, will double in size after an hour of proofing. This loaf…most definitely doubled in size. As long as your yeast isn’t expired, you should have no trouble with the loaf proofing appropriately.

gluten-free white bread

The Final Result…

This loaf had a great rise! Next time I’d likely roll it so the loaf wouldn’t be quite as long, but more…Italian load shape with a bit more width, so the actual slices would be larger. The color, however, is awesome! Just looking at this makes me eager to make a delicious sandwich. It’s not easy to get loaves of bread like this unless you go to a gluten-free specialty bakery, which isn’t quite as common just yet.

This, I think, was a very successful attempt at recreating this recipe. Do I think there is room for improvement? Absolutely. With every attempt, I feel I will be able to make the loaves look nicer and try using them for various recipes. Sandwiches, garlic bread, toasted slices for a charcuterie board–all of it!

Plus, think of all the money saved if I could just make this once a week to have some gluten-free white bread during the week.

After trying the bread, I can say with confidence that it tastes great! The crust is beautifully crisp and the inside is soft without being super crumbly like you’d find with most store-bought gluten-free bread.

I’m just curious if this recipe would work the same if I decided to make this bread in a different shape. Perhaps smaller sandwich rolls? Or a loaf that can be made in a bread pan. Hmm, certainly something to consider for future bakes! Now that I’ve made bread nothing can stop me, right? 🙂

gluten-free white bread

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

I. Love. This. Recipe. As someone who has longed to try making bread, I wanted to be careful while trying this recipe. I usually overthink and just tend to mess things up. Hence you don’t often find me baking on this blog. But I am doing this to show…anyone can try it!

This recipe is a great option if you’re trying to make something simple. A basic white bread recipe. Something to have on hand when you want some freshly baked bread in your home. Things to consider: this will not be like your typical bouncy, super-soft white bread, so that is certainly an expectation to have when making this.

The flavor though? Fabulous! I made a sandwich for lunch with this bread and it was great! The chew was great, not dense, and the crust kept its crispiness.

But as mentioned above…I wanted to try making this recipe without using the same shape. I’ll keep you all posted, but for now…if you give this recipe a try, I really hope that it turns out for you and that you enjoy it as much as I did!

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