Why Green Chef Is Still My Favorite Meal Kit in 2023

Sometimes The Right Meal Kit Discount Reels You Back In…To Green Chef

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You are reading correctly–this is a revisit to Green Chef. A Meal Kit Subscription that I reviewed back in March, 2021. I ended up using the meal kit for a few boxes, only to get the sense of the quality and overall service.

If you get mail, you may be receiving offers from Hello Fresh and yes–even Green Chef. Normally I don’t even bat an eyelash at those meal kit offers because they are automatic mailers to “new customers”. Green Chef, however, recently had a very enticing offer that included returning customers. These deals are mainly spread across 6-8 boxes, so the overall discount is spread out in percentages.

I’ve been back with Green Chef for about…7 weeks now? I figured that it would be a good idea to do a 2 year update.

Green Chef Meal Kit Menu

Green Chef’s Diet-Specific Menu

I was reviewing my previous review to have a glance back at what the recipes were like 2 years ago under the gluten-free menu. Woah boy–times have changes in the BEST WAY! Compared to the last time I tried Green Chef, the meal kit menu has been updated significantly, or I just never got to these delicious options!

All of the recipes that I’ve tried were fantastic. They were appropriately portioned and well-seasoned, and simple to recreate. Seriously. YUM! The image above is just a capture from their main page, but selecting gluten-free recipes is extremely simple with their filtering. If the recipes does not state “Gluten-Free”, I wouldn’t even see it :).

I don’t know if the gluten-free menu actually received a glow-up, but the difference in recipes and variety has been phenomenal. Honestly, I planned on using this meal kit service until the discount ran out, but I may just keep it around to cover a good portion of my weekly groceries.

If you’re new to eating gluten-free, wanting some ideas for things you can make on your own, then Green Chef is a great option.

Green Chef Meal Kit

Recipe Variety For Every Mood

Green Chef’s Gluten-free Menu has recipes that are well-seasoned, packed with flavor, and great quality ingredients. I’ve had no issue with their recipes and frankly I’m glad that I gave them another chance because these gluten-free recipes have me triple-checking to make sure there are no gluten-containing ingredients! They’re just that good you’ll catch yourself thinking “Is this seriously gluten-free?!”

In all 6-7 weeks, I’ve had no reactions. Only a happy tummy. My husband can agree because he’s the second serving in all of this. He’s been really enjoying the Green Chef recipes and I try to make it fun by having him pick what we eat the day off. Mind you, I pre-select all the recipes that sound delicious…and diverse ;).

If you want to catch me making these recipes and sharing the Green Chef Experience, don’t forget to check out my Tiktok!

Green Chef Meal Kit

Why Choose Green Chef?

Last time I reviewed this, I was excited to learn that Green Chef was the first service to be certified gluten-free. It was a great review complete with great service from Green Chef support when I had questions.

This time I went back to Green Chef not to review them, necessarily, but…because even I need a mental break. The holidays and winter months are just a bit more difficult and having one less thing to worry about just helps make things a bit…easier. Groceries are already expensive and you’re still having to buy new ingredients and you’re often left with waste.

Green chef only sends you what you will need–pre-measured, prepped, and ready to cook with.

I have 4 meals sent to me each week, so that significantly reduces how much I need to buy at the grocery store each week. Less items, quicker trips, and yeah…some money saved.

I will admit it’s not so much money saved that I’m able to set money aside, but it’s enough. The reason here is that we get to try recipes that would often have me get more spices or more ingredients that would be required just for one recipe. That adds up.

Green Chef Meal Kit

Is The Price Worth It?

At about $12.99 per meal (4 recipes per week, 2 servings), I think the price is worth it, especially when I find myself spending $200-$220 on groceries per week. I find that most weeks I’m a bit under that $200 budget (with the groceries I end up getting any way for meals other than dinners). But I haven’t gone over–which is what makes me happy.

I’m able to put tasty dinners on the table without breaking the bank. Plus, there are opportunities for discounts, which is a nice added bonus.

There is absolutely zero food waste when we order from Green Chef. Everything that is provided is used up, which makes me really happy. Nothing makes me more sad than buying produce and only needing to use up a small bit of it. Green Chef takes care of that by only sending what is required to be used for the recipe. Love that.

If you’re considering a meal kit for any reason–mental, financial, inspirational–whatever the case may be…I do highly recommend Green Chef. I’ve been picking different recipes and yet I still find something that interests me and keeps me excited to keep going with this service. Having these meals just ready and requiring minimal prep just takes a weight off my shoulders, because we all know that not all days are easy, but having one item just…set…it can really make all the difference.

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