Gluten-Free Almond Biscotti

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Making Biscotti Gluten-Free

This time of year always urges me to give baking another go. I don’t know–maybe it’s because it’s getting colder and nothing feels better than curling up with a warm cup of tea and a home baked cookie or maybe because I’d actually like to get some reviews up of some sweet treats!

Being gluten-free, I’ve tried a handful of different recipes that are specifically using various gluten-free flours. Surprisingly, there’s many of these recipes can be made gluten-free by simply switching a few ingredients. Can the same thing be said about gluten-free cooking and baking about 10 years ago? Probably not.

We’re living in an awesome time with gluten-free alternatives!

Today’s recipe review is for gluten-free biscotti using two different recipes!

The recipe used for our featured picture is by Delish. The recipe can be found right -> here!

Why Try Multiple Biscotti Recipes?

I am an amateur home cook and baker in the most literal sense. I follow recipes and hope that they result in the pictured beauties. Baking, however, includes many factors that go beyond the written word. You do have to keep in mind that not everyone’s oven is the same. Mine certainly is not the most evenly-baking oven.

The first recipe I attempted was a specifically gluten-free recipe for almond biscotti. The flavor was DELICIOUS! For reference, please check out this gluten-free blogger. You can find their recipe right-> here!
This recipe calls for gluten-free flour, which can be found in most grocery stores now! Please note that some recipes may call for additional xanthan gum if your flour mix doesn’t already include it. This often helps with texture of bakes.

My issues with the recipe weren’t so much the flavor or texture, but the time and temperature.

After following the recommended bake times, and even keeping the biscotti in longer, most of my slices still weren’t properly cooked through. It was a bad bake.


At that point, I was wondering if there was something up with the recipe, or was it maybe, just maybe….the oven itself?

The recipe by Delish is not gluten-free by default, but I made it gluten-free simply by using gluten-free flour. Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 Gluten-free flour is excellent. It does not require the additional xanthan gum since it is already included in the mix. The main difference that I found in this recipe was the bake time and temperature.

By trying these two recipes which differed slightly, I was able to narrow it down to the cook time and also the shape of the biscotti loaf. For beginner bakers, I wish that these recipes provided a little more detail in how log-shaped the loaf should be. From my experience, I’d say make the log more flat, or at least without a dome-like shape in the middle. This will help with an even bake and not have the same issue that I had pictured above.

The almond biscotti above used the Delish recipe. The temperature and bake time was different. Plus, I changed the shape of the loaf. This second attempt still wasn’t my favorite, but it did bring me closer in understanding how my oven bakes. On the upside, the biscotti in this bake turned out yummy! Once they sat and cooled, they paired so well with a cup of hot coffee. Absolutely perfect for this season!

So, while this review is for a biscotti recipe, this is more of a review of technique from an amateur baker.

If you want to try making biscotti without having made it before I hope my experience will give you the boost to give it a go. Not everything will turn out the first time, but that’s alright! Keep trying because this is very much a process.

Grey’s Grade: 4.5/5

Gluten-free Biscotti

This grade is going to apply to both of these recipes because the flavor of both the Gluten-Free Blogger and Delish almond biscotti is fantastic. I would, however, would like to see these recipes include some more notes on the shape of the biscotti and perhaps some additional notes on cook time. I feel like that is often lacking in many recipes for cookies and other baked good.

So, if a recipe does not come out as expected, do take a few extra minutes to orient yourself with your cooking equipment.

As for me? I’m going to be remaking this recipe and applying my own knowledge of my equipment.

I hope today’s review gives you some ideas for recipes you can use whether you are gluten-free or not. Plus, I hope this urges you to try something new!

And for my question of the week: What’s your favorite holiday cookie?

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