Tender Spiced Pork Tenderloin

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Spiced Pork Tenderloin – Perfect For Weeknights or Seasonal Celebrations!

Hello friends!! Welcome to December! Can you believe we’re in the final stretch of 2021? Phew, I actually almost wrote 2020. Let’s be serious, this year has continued to be tough in many ways, but I’m happy to be here for another week to bring these delicious reviews your way.

Today’s recipe is such a treat and it can absolutely be made during the week without breaking a sweat! You just need an oven, a stovetop, and some skillets. All this to make a deliciously spiced pork tenderloin accompanied by yummy rice and sautéed baby broccoli! And if you’re looking to change up your holiday, or special occasion menu, then this may absolutely be a great option for you. This dish can be enjoyed any day of the week, but transforming it into a special occasion dish takes absolutely zero effort!

This recipe comes courtesy of No Crumb’s Left–a food blogger based here in the fabulous Chicago! The link to this recipe can be found right -> here!

spiced pork tenderloin plated

The Spice Rub For The Spiced Pork Tenderloin

While the rice and the veggies are tasty–the true star of this dish is the spiced pork tenderloin. I’ve made plenty of pork tenderloin dishes in my time doing these reviews, but the spice combination in this recipe really caught my attention. It wasn’t an Italian seasoning or maybe even jerk seasoning–it was the combination of sumac, smoked paprika, and granulated garlic that really wow-ed me. In all honesty, I was worried that the paste would be too salty on the pork, but it actually worked super well! I will point out that a squeeze of lemon really does brighten this dish up with all the lovely flavors!

The amount of flavor in the spiced pork itself balances out really well with the rice and veggies. So…don’t go too crazy with seasoning your rice! In this dish, you really don’t want too much of a good thing. I can promise you that.

spiced pork tenderloin

Cook Times And Cookware

As mentioned before, this recipe is one you can absolutely knock out during the week. Once the pork is covered in the spiced rub, you just need to sear it on each side in an oven-proof skillet. I used my cast iron skillet. You can find a great cast iron pan in many stores these days, but if you prefer to order online, then Lodge is definitely a brand I would highly recommend. While any oven-proof skillet will do, I love the way that you can sear meat using cast iron pans.

Yes, this spiced pork tenderloin is delectable with that fantastic crust that forms from searing! Plus, this pan is perfect for stovetop to oven cooking.

Spiced Pork Tenderloin

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

This recipe for spiced pork tenderloin absolutely delights the tastebuds. It gives off the impression that you spent much longer in the kitchen than you actually did. That is my favorite way to wow the household. All the ingredients are easily accessible at your local grocery stores, yet it seems like something you’d only order at a restaurant, right? I admit I spent a good amount of time admiring my plate.

While I review many recipes weekly to share with you, this one absolutely stands out. If you’re really looking to change things up for dinner, then I highly recommend that you give this recipe a try. It’s just the right amount of salty, spicy, and just so well-rounded. I personally really enjoy pork tenderloin and have served it many ways. This may just be my new favorite way.

Do you have some favorite stand-out recipes you like to make during this season?

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