Delicious Chicken Korma Curry

Feel Good Spice In This Curry!

Whether it’s a good day, a bad day–Summer or Winter–a good curry will make the soul happy. One of the best parts of making a curry is that there is no singular way that curry is made. There are so many different varieties of curries and from all the ones that I’ve tried–they taste amazing. This recipe for Chicken Korma curry is not any different. It’s simply delicious!

The reason this recipe intrigued me was mainly for the marinade.

This recipe is courtesy of Evolving Table. The recipe can be found right -> here!

Chicken Korma Curry

Let’s Talk About the Star of the Recipe…

The marinade. My friends, the marinade! It’s fantastic!

This recipe for Korma Curry is unlike others I’ve seen online as the marinade is with the chicken from start to finish. It’s thick and aromatic. The texture really makes all the difference here. In the case of this particular recipe, I followed each and every step completely and I recommend that you do the same. Do your absolute best not to replace any ingredients, which included using chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts. It keeps the chicken juicy and absolutely delicious when marinaded and cooked in the sauce.

I’d also recommend keeping the chicken in the marinade for the instructed time. Best time to do it? Right when you start dinner. Get the chicken and marinade ready right away while you make your rice and prepare the rest of the ingredients. By the time all of that is ready, the chicken will be adequately marinated.

How’s The Level of Spice?

Oftentimes, the reason why people don’t choose to make or order curry is that they assume that it’s going to be too spicy. This Korma curry is the absolute perfect level of spice that warms you up. Each bite is a great symphony of flavor without feeling like the spice and heat overpower the dish. The coconut cream compliments and evens out the flavor as well, so you get to taste every bit of flavor.

If you really want to minimize the spice, then consider leaving out the jalapeno or cayenne pepper. If you use a small jalapeno and leave the seeds out, then you should be perfectly fine. All in all this level of spice just made us feel warm inside–like a warm curry hug. The best!

Grey makes Evolving Tables' Chicken Korma Curry

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

I’m keeping this review short, sweet, and to the point.

This recipe for Chicken Korma Curry is fantastic. It’s flavorful and loaded with the perfect level of spice. Even the most beginner of cooks will be able to follow this recipe and end up with the picture-perfect result. Follow the directions provided and you will be guided from start to finish. This recipe was tested and reviewed for a family of two and we were left with leftovers for lunch the following day. If you have a larger family, then they will still be comfortably fed with this serving size.

So yeah–I highly recommend trying this recipe by Evolving Table. If you like curry, or if you’re looking to explore some new flavors, then this will be a great one to try!

Short, sweet, and simple–this recipe is a winner. I sure do hope that you give this one a try! Thank you, Evolving Table!

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