Weekend Cooking: Creamy Garlic Tuscan Shrimp

Tuscan Shrimp Just Like in a Restaurant, Right?

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It’s another cold day here in Chicago, but surprisingly not too much snow this season. Ooh, better knock on wood here real quick! When it’s nice and cold like this, it makes me miss going out on the weekend for a nice warm meal surrounded by decor that makes you feel you’re somewhere else, even if for just an hour.

Today’s recipe find felt fitting of this mood, which is how I ended up making this Creamy Garlic Tuscan Shrimp with spaghetti.

The recipe is courtesy of Healthy Fitness Meals and the recipe can be found right -> here!

So, let’s transport ourselves for a moment to this restaurant of our choice that just so happens to server this creamy Tuscan shrimp dish.

Healthy Fitness Meals: Creamy Garlic Tuscan Shrimp
Healthy Fitness Meals

Seasoning the Cream Sauce

When making a cream sauce, you want to make sure that the seasoning works well together without being overpowered in some areas and falling short in the others. Based off some of the reviews I’ve seen on the recipe card, people had mentioned that the Italian seasoning as a bit too much. I suppose that may also depend on what brand of Italian seasoning you’re using. My favorite brand that I’ve been using for years is Frontier Co-op, which can often be found at Whole Foods! You can find the seasoning in stores and via their website directly. I found the amount of this seasoning to be just right to get that Tuscan flavor.

Another aspect of this recipe would have to be the level of spice. When you make these recipes for the first time, I highly recommend that you not only take a look at the ingredient list, but also check out the reviews if there are any. The reviews on this recipe are all positive with some alterations sprinkled around. The most I’ve seen was to change the amount of Italian Seasoning. For me, the change I would make next time would be with the spice. I’m all for Cajun flavors and having a nice kick in a cream sauce, but again, there comes a times when the levels are a bit too much. Again, it could very well be the brand of spice you’re using. If you’re cooking with things like cayenne, you want to make sure that it’s just cayenne, not a mix with chipotle, or anything of that sort. In my case, I also used another one of Frontier Co-ops spices. You can find the cayenne on their website, too.

For this recipe, I would make this again, but adjust the level of spice. I’d use 1/4 tsp for the cayenne and and 1/4 tsp of chili flakes. If you know you’re not good with spice, definitely don’t follow the recipe exactly for these measurements. Start off with a little bit of each and taste long the way until you get the level of spice you can handle. Again–don’t overdo it, because you don’t want the spice to overcome the other flavors that are brewing in the sauce. That was my biggest issues with this recipe. When you have that spoon or forkful–you taste all the flavors, but then the spice takes over and that’s all you taste. The burn.

Even for those who enjoy a higher level of spice, that isn’t the only thing you want to taste.

So, as a friendly recommendation from your amateur home cook–don’t overkill your meal with spice. The Tuscan shrimp can do with less and it will then hit your restaurant quality level. I promise.

So, when you’re ready to try this Tuscan Shrimp recipe, you’ll be extra prepared. Mind your spice and everything else will be nice!

Grey’s Grade: 4/5

This recipe is very easy to prepare and it doesn’t take much time to prepare either. A perfect meal to make on a cold day where all you want to do is lounge around. With the exception of the spice level, this recipe is honestly great. The only reason I am giving this a 4/5 rather than a 5/5 is due to the directions. Generally when a dish is going to be spicy, it’s important to add this note in the ingredient list. This was listed under chili flakes as “to taste”, but I also feel this should have been included under cayenne. At least that’s best to know for the next time I’ll make this recipe.

If you’re craving restaurant-quality flavors, then this Tuscan shrimp dish will be a delight for your family.

Keep that spice in mind and you’ll be golden when it’s time to serve!

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