Vietnamese Turmeric & Dill Fish “Cha Ca”

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Sometimes when you put together your weekly menu’s your flavors start blending together. Each day seems to blend into the next and you feel like you’re making the same type of dish each day. Here I am today to tell you how to break out of that cycle–herbs! I was feeling in a rut recently, so I looked for flavors, deliberately, that were way outside of my weekly menu “theme”.

When I find myself in this rut, I think of flavors that are very different from what I normally make. Switch up your proteins and switch up the flavor combinations, such as in this recipe for Vietnamese Turmeric & Dill Fish “Cha Ca”.

I love throwing in a fresh fish dish into the mix on the weekend, and this is certainly much different in terms of flavor than what you’d find in most of your Pinterest searches. Guaranteed.

This recipe is courtesy of Marion’s Kitchen, a recipe resource that has been seen on this blog a few times over the last three years. This recipe developer and food entrepreneur brings forth delicious Asian-inspired recipes, oftentimes inspired by dishes that her mother has taught her. I find myself going back to her recipes quite often.

When I transitioned to a gluten-free diet, I felt like I had to completely forget about all of these delicious flavors, however, that isn’t the case. The important part of learning a new diet is understanding what ingredients you can and cannot work with. The Asian kitchen offers plenty of gluten-free alternatives for popular ingredients.

Okay-okay–let’s get to the review! This recipe can be found right -> here!

Dill Fish Cha Ca

What To Look Out For If You’re Gluten-Free

Just because a recipe doesn’t outright say that it is gluten-free, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider it. Read your labels, and know what you can swap out for gluten-free options.

The main ingredient in this recipe for Vietnamese Turmeric & Dill Fish “Cha Ca” that you need to replace is the fish sauce. Luckily there are plenty of brands that have gluten-free fish sauce, such as Red Boat and Thai Kitchen. I’ve used both brands and both have worked perfectly fine.

Dill Fish Flavor Combinations To Wake Up Your Tastebuds!

The flavors in this dish are incredible. The salty umami flavor in the fish sauce that is used in the marinade for the fish is just the greatest mix of savory. Combine that with fresh dill, sugar, and curry, and you’re transported out of your home and onto a culinary adventure.

Another aspect of this dish that just brings a smile to my face is the use of turmeric to bring that beautiful golden yellow color to the fish. Can we agree that a dish just tends to taste even better when it looks delectable? This one is absolutely an example of this case.

A dish doesn’t need a counter full of ingredients in order to have a unique flavor palette. You just need to know how to use what you have. This recipe does not call for you to purchase all new ingredients. Frankly, it’s impressive how much can be done with so little. If you typically enjoy Asian cooking, then I guarantee you that you’ll have most of what this recipe calls for.

Vietnamese Turmeric & Dill Fish Cha Ca

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

There is no hesitation in giving this recipe a solid 5/5. This was a very simple dinner, yet it looked like you spent hours marinating the fish and plating everything nicely. This can very comfortably be made during the week and within a reasonable budget. If you’re looking to venture out of your comfort zone and try some unique flavors, then I highly recommend checking out this recipe for Vietnamese Turmeric & Dill Fish “Cha Ca”.

One of the things that you should always keep in mind when you begin a new diet (for whatever reason): understand that you do not need to restrict yourself from flavor–simply know how to recreate that flavor with the equivalent ingredients that you would be allowed to consume. I found myself limiting myself to recipes that boldly stated they were gluten-free. That’s when you start hitting a rut.

I can promise you all that these reviews will never restrict you because I will do my very best to always help you enjoy these recipes by providing any alternatives and recommendations that I can find.

I hope that you give this recipe a try and continue to wow your tastebuds with delicious flavors.

Till next time, friends!

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