GreyEyes Reviews: Seared Wild Alaskan Pollock & Caper Yogurt

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When you’re craving something flavorful, yet light…

Despite the crazy weather we’ve had, Summer is actually around the corner. In Chicago, we’re expecting to see high 60’s (and rain), so I couldn’t be happier! With it warming up, I’m putting more of a stress on healthier eating. Although I do my best to focus on that all the time–you guys know the cravings we often give into when it’s colder. Yes, the hearty soups, the cheesy casseroles, and did I mention anything covered in cheese and served with mound upon mound of carbs? Yeah, we’ve been there.

But let me stop you there. Just because you’re trying to lose some weight to forget that Winter ever happened, doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck chomping down on kale.

Welcome to fact #100 of why Blue Apron really gets is.

When selecting your recipes, you’re given 3 options. You can go with a Signature meals, a Weight Watchers selection, or family meals, which would equal a total of 4 servings. Lately I’ve been choosing the weight watchers section. This dish–just like the rest, was very tasty!

I’ll be honest with you guys–I don’t often cook fish. If I do, it’s generally salmon. Funny thing, actually–I forgot to select my recipes for that week, but ended up being very pleasantly surprised with what I received. This seared fish dish was filling, but also light. I didn’t feel like I was bloated and needed a nap, which is my least favorite feeling!

So, what made this recipe tasty? Well, the ingredients were fresh. I’m one of those people that is a little skeptical about buying pre-packaged fish from the grocery store. I’d rather go to the butcher and see up close that the fish is indeed fresh. Luckily, the packaged fish that I received with my Blue Apron box was incredibly fresh. No weird fishy smells! Nice! As always the ingredients were separated nicely and made it very easy to follow along with the directions. Not a single bead of stress sweat made an appearance. I was just excited to get dinner on the table for us.

One thing I’d really like to applaud Blue Apron for, is the cook time that is listed on the directions. If you’re like me, then you’re often freaking out about the time it takes to cook meat or fish, in this case. At my boyfriend’s place I use an electric stove, which does very much differ from a gas stove. The surface stays hotter longer. Since I started using Blue Apron, I find myself feeling more confident in how I prepare my meals. I trust the time that is given in the instructions and go from there.

So far, so good. Each cut of meat has turned out PERFECTLY. And the wild Alaskan Pollock? Seared fantastically. It only took 2-3 minutes per side for this fish to sear to a nice golden brown, and a little darker where there was more seasoning. THAT IS OK, by the way–for those who freak out when something browns too much when searing.

I think working with these meal kits helps give you ideas of how many different ways something can be prepared–or the difference that seasoning can make on a piece of fish. I do have one suggestion for myself, as well as for others using meal kits–eyeball how much you’re using dressings and toppings. You end up using the entire portion that is provided, but sometimes it can be a lot.

Grey’s Grade 5/5

Photo Credit: Andy 🙂

For how simple this meal was, I have to give it a great grade. I’ve never been very confident with cooking fish, but seeing how this turned out, I say–“Bring it on! Bring on ALL the fish!” I gladly accept any cooking challenge that involves fish! Well, maybe not sushi. That’s just a majestic craft, but who knows. Maybe some day!

Getting back to the point I made at the beginning of this post–Summer is nearly here. You can enjoy delicious food and feel content all while working off the winter weight. Or maybe you’re not looking to lose weight–at least you have an option for a great meal! Whatever it is you want, I highly recommend giving this Seared Pollock recipe a try when you check out Blue Apron!

As always–happy nomming!



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