GreyEyes Reviews: My New Favorite Mexican Spiced Pork Chops

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Hello…it’s your new favorite dinner speaking!

Yes, I mean it.

Out of all the Blue Apron recipes we’ve received so far, this has been my absolute favorite. It’s simple, quick, and even better–it’s SO flavorful! If you’ve read my blog before, then you know this recipe hits all my needed criteria.

This recipe for Mexican Spiced Pork Chops is perfect for a weeknight dinner or a cozy weekend. What I love more than anything is how simple and flavor-packed this meal is. Even more so the recipe itself is curated to cooks of all levels. If you’re a beginner, I can bet that this will still end up being picture-perfect!

As with all meals, I highly recommend heeding the suggestion of the recipe: prepare all ingredients before you start cooking. Yes, cut the onions, slice the zucchini, and yes–drain the black beans. Believe me, as someone who often looked the other way with those directions…it makes ALL the difference. The recipes have set a really great pace that keep stress down and dinner on the table in the noted time. This took me about 30 minutes, as the card indicated. I will be gushing about this recipe for a while especially since it was the first on that really made me jump for joy.

No, I’m not kidding or even over-exaggerating. For the first time in a while, what I ended up plating VERY closely resembled the actual image. I remember running back into the kitchen to whip the recipe off the counter only to watch Andy take a picture of the plate. Holy mother of God–I did it! Finally! I re-created a recipe that SO closely resembled that picture on the recipe. Of course, I have to always thank my favorite taste-tester and photographer!

What makes this so special?

No, this isn’t my plate, but the wonderful Blue Apron image!

What continues to excited me about Blue Apron is the flavor combinations that are made possible. I’m very familiar meat and fruit combinations, but this was altogether something different. The meal featured Mexican spices, but also a delightfully surprising orange/jalapeno salsa. It was a great addition to the pork chop that I honestly wouldn’t have immediately put together.

This recipe was excellent and it will be made again. Truth be told, it’s going to be tomorrow’s dinner. But getting back to the point–what makes this so special? Seeing yet another combination of pork chops with unique and bold flavors opens up the door to other potential recipes that can be come up with on the spot based off what is left in the fridge. None of the ingredients in these recipes are so “out there” that you couldn’t drive to your local grocery store and pick up.

It’s local. It’s easily obtainable. Even better? The cost per serving isn’t crazy either.

Are you sold yet?

Remember how I said that anyone can make this meal come to life? I mean it. One of my concerns while cooking is when working with meat. Pork, chicken, beef–all of it. I never know exactly how long to cook something before it turns into a piece of rubbery sadness. Well, working with the recipes from Blue Apron has certainly boosted that confidence. Not only from the cook times included, but also what to look out for.

Pork chops can VERY easily overcook and end up very dry. With this recipe, they turned out perfect! They were very lightly pink and cooked well through. If you’re just starting out with cooking for yourself or anyone else–follow the instructions closely and observe how your own kitchen equipment acts. Not all stove tops are the same. The same goes for ovens and heck–even microwaves.

So, what did I think?

Absolutely DELICIOUS pork chops! Photo credit to Andy, of course 🙂

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

I think you could guess that if I could give this a 10/5, then I would. This meal wasn’t the best that I’ve ever had, but it was a multi-step recipe from Blue Apron that I REALLY enjoyed. All the recipes that we got have been decent, but this one really shined brighter than the others. I can definitely see myself making this again. It’s perfect for a weeknight or a weekend dinner. No part of this recipe requires you to be standing in the kitchen for an absurd amount of time. It’s put together quickly, cooks quickly, and unfortunately is consumed just as quick!

My next few reviews will include additional recipes, but after that we’ll be looking at Blue Apron as a whole. The do’s and don’t’s of meal kit services.

As mentioned in previous posts, if you’ve considered trying Blue Apron, but weren’t ready to take the plunge with the subscription price, let’s chat. I receive free codes that I can share with others to enjoy a free box of Blue Apron. This is 100% not endorsed and I don’t get a penny from your order. I just want to share the fun experiences that I’ve had with this meal kit box.

So, if you’re looking to start–Blue Apron is a good service to start with.

For now, I will leave you with this deliciousness. I wish you a great day and happy nomming!



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