GreyEyes Listens: Walk With Wingfield Podcast

Aside from blogging and working a 9-5 job, I also stream on Twitch. I’ve been streaming for one year now, and I can say that it’s definitely not something that you can just pick up and get to maybe once a week or every few months. Maintaining success (no matter if you have 2 viewers or 200) takes dedication that is sometimes on the same level as your day job.

On my streaming journey, I’ve met some remarkable people. One of them is the topic of today’s review. Brandon Wingfield is a content creator who streams on Twitch and who, more recently, created a podcast series called “Walk With Wingfield”.

If you’re looking for a new podcast series to follow, let me break it down for you why “Walk With Wingfield” should be on your list.

What’s it about?

“Walk With Wingfield” is an creative exploration of the podcasting platform to talk about streaming on Twitch, the process of putting together a podcast, and even reviews of underappreciated games that he finds deserve more recognition. Brandon’s relatable voice make for a great listen whether you’re a streamer, podcaster, or someone simply interested in the topics he’s discussing.

Each episode runs from around 7 minutes to around 47 minutes–depending on the topic being discussed. There are currently 7 episodes out and the 8th is currently in production.

Brandon aims to release 1 episode per week.

Why Should I Listen?

Streaming services are replacing cable and satellite–this isn’t news. More and more streaming services are popping up. Twitch is one of those services, which just so happens to feature every day people looking to feature their content. Twitch is a great platform whether you’re wanting to show off your gaming skills, have a talk show, host a cooking show, or whatever it is you may want to share.

Not only is this podcast educational about experiences with streaming, but it gives you an inside look of what it’s like from a content creators point of view. With the beginning episodes, Brandon does spend more of his time going over the process of creating a podcast. As he continues to create more content for the podcast we can expect to see more episodes featuring the work that goes into being a Twitch streamer. Be sure to follow his podcast to get notified on when new episodes are published.

While the content is REALLY great, what really makes this podcast a winner in my eyes is the charismatic host. I had an opportunity to speak with Brandon about what his favorite part of podcasting has been and his response was the following: “My favorite thing would have to be the reception and knowing that this content is reaching viewers with the intention of helping them with their own content creation.” Since the release of his podcast, Brandon has received many messages from listeners talk about their experiences with streaming and how his content has sparked more questions that would help improve their content. I’ve met many streamers this year and Brandon is one of the most supportive streamers I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.

If you catch him LIVE on Twitch, you’re bound to see what I’m talking about.

Where do I Listen?

You can listen to this podcast on all the major podcasting apps!

Where Else Can I Find Brandon’s Content?

You can find Brandon on many social media pages. To stay up to date on his stream and podcast, check him out here:

Also, if you really like Brandon’s content, please take a moment to check out his entry for the Rode contest! Every vote counts and it’s a fantastic opportunity for a new podcaster with FRESH content!

Vote–> HERE.

Grey’s Grade 5/5

This podcast is shaping up to be a great success full of great potential. For what is currently released, Brandon has done a great job covering the types of topics he will be exploring as he continues his work. I’d LOVE to review this podcast a year from now again to see the growth that I knew his content will experience.

If he continues to keep his genuine take on these topics with the same approachable nature he has on and off stream, I have no doubt this podcast will continue to succeed at an even larger scale.

Happy listening!