GreyEyes Cooks: Peach Cobbler for Two

One of the trickiest things when baking for two is all the leftovers we often end up with. Since I’m in the city for the weekend only, my boyfriend is often left with the remainder of the goodies. No matter how good something is, it’s still a lot of leftovers to get through in a week.

I’ve been on the hunt for some tasty recipes for our favorite desserts. It’s still cold here in Chicago, so I decided that a peach cobbler was the answer to all this grey weather. Of course, the peach cobbler would HAVE to be topped with some vanilla ice cream. Mmm, the comfort of the hot and cold.

As promised, I found a recipe online, courtesy of Taste of Home, for a peach cobbler for two. You can find this recipe right –> here.

I never made cobbler before, so I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was correct. Mind you, I followed the recipe exactly, but there’s always that little bit of doubt in your mind when you’re making something for the first time. I put the fate of my bake into the recipe and I was left pleasantly surprised.

What never fails to puzzle me is the topping that goes over the peaches that have been cooked in sugary goodness. They didn’t cover the full bake! Honestly, when I looked in the bowl at the topping, I contemplated doubling the mixture. After careful calculation, I just looked back at the picture on the website and then many other pictures of cobblers to notice that it’s really a quite common way of making the cobbler. The filling underneath always peeks through. You’d see something similar with a crumble cake, however the topping always covers the majority of the fruit layer.

The recipe shows a nice ceramic form for the bake, but I didn’t have that on hand, so I used a small brownie pan. It’s about 2 inches in height and, uncooked, it didn’t rise that high. I ended up baking the cobbler for about 27 minutes. The recipe asked for 25, but keeping an eye on it, the extra two minutes didn’t ruin it. The top was crispy and the peaches were very tender and sweet. It ended up being a very good bake.

Again, remember that the cobbler was made in a small brownie pan, so it was definitely the perfect serving for two. I scooped half the portion into a bowl and topped it off with some ice cream. Absolutely delightful when you’re looking for something sweet that doesn’t take FOREVER to make or bake.

Overall…what did we think?

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

For how QUICK it was to make this, I definitely think it deserves a 5/5. Super quick, easy, and VERY tasty. You guys know by now that is what I look for when it comes to weekend cooking and baking.

My boyfriend thought this was definitely a tasty treat. There were no leftovers (THANK YOU, TASTE OF HOME!) and we were both very pleased with the dessert…that we just so happened to have before dinner. We’re both adults here. We can break some rules!

If you’re looking for a quick dessert this weekend or even if you have some time during the week, I highly recommend this. Add some ice cream or whipped cream, or even more fruit–I’m sure you’ll be a fan of this!

As always, till next time and…happy nomming!