Gobble – Tasty Meals Ready In 15 Minutes With 1 Pan

Gobble – Are You Just Another Meal Kit?

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While it’s fun to find recipes online and plan your menu, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and get a helping hand from a meal kit service. I’ve tried a handful in my time writing reviews, so I’m at a point where I’m trying to pick out the one that is “worth it”.

Gobble is a service I have not heard of before, so it was time that I checked it out.

Now, at this point with so many meal kits around, it’s getting harder to pick. These services need to find ways stand out. Does Gobble pass the test?

Gobble Meal Pan Roasted Chicken Breast

The Rise of Meal Kit Services

As I’m sure you’ve all noticed, there are so many meal kit services. Their popularity definitely sky-rocketed once the pandemic hit and everything shut down. People who normally didn’t cook no longer could go out to eat, and many restaurants were still figuring out their takeout situations. Thus, what I believe to be the rise of meal kit services.

People did not want to spend time in the kitchen, so meal kits had to compete to be the quickest, tastiest, and most cost effective in order to win over customers.

At least that’s how I see it.

Now that the pandemic has lightened up a bit (still not over, folks!!), people are cooking on their own more, or have gone back to eating out. However, the need for meal kits is still there–it just seems to have gone down to what it was before the pandemic hit.

So Gobble–let’s talk about you.

Gobble Meal 1: Seared Steak

Why Gobble?

Gobble is a meal kit service that prides itself on having fresh ingredients and delicious recipes that can be done in 15 minutes with 1 pan. Now, I do have to admit that their meals really do not take long at all to make. If you’re looking for quick dinners that are satisfying, then I urge you to continue reading.

Gobble is available for mainly dinners, but they do have options for additional meals, such as breakfast. For my review, I ordered mainly dinners, but included one recipe for Breakfast burritos.

As always, I highly recommend giving these services a try because there’s always a discount with that first box! Now, if you come across a service that does not have a discount to entice you to sign up, then keep moving. Honestly, we’re all trying to save some money, right? There are plenty of meal kits out there for you to try.

For my first box, I used a discount that got me about 35 USD off. This came with 5 nights of meals that were meant for 2 people. I was able to pick when my deliveries would start. I could also pick when I wanted to skip any deliveries. I sure can enjoy that kind of flexibility.

Gobble prices

What Gobble Meals Get Right

I think Gobble is very clear on what service they provide. You get ingredients that are prepped for you, so your cooking time is absolutely minimal. I mean, I was done cooking and eating my dinner in under an hour. I admit that’s pretty impressive.

Another part they get right is their menu. They have a diverse listing of meals with options to customize them. Don’t feel like steak? Substitute in another protein. Worried about allergies? The ingredients are clearly listed on each recipe, so you have no questions about what is included. That’s how I was able to keep my dinner experience gluten-free. Well, there was one exception–the breakfast burritos came with a flour tortilla, so my husband was the one to try it. Quick review of that? Not bad at all.

What Gobble Should Work On

Gobble Meal 2: Salmon

Meal Kits take a lot of work to get right. Now, there have been issues I’ve come across in previous reviews, but that’s just the reality. As much as we’d like for everything to be perfect, it doesn’t always end up that way. Now, there are some forgivable issues, like perhaps leaving out an ingredient, or leaving something out of the recipe card in terms of instructions. That’s human error–I get it.

What I don’t enjoy seeing is issues with the products provided. Gobble prides themselves on including fresh produce, yet in my very first meal that I made, I came across a moldy pepper. That was THE only issue with Gobble, but let’s just say that first impressions wasn’t great.

When things like this happen, it leads one to wonder how long do these pre-prepped ingredients stay in their containers before they make it to your door? Now, it’s pretty common to come across a moldy berry or two, but when you’re ordering a meal kit like this—this cannot be a common occurrence.

As mentioned–luckily, it was a one-time thing that I experienced that week, but it certainly made an impression on me.

Aside from that unfortunate find, I do have one more recommendation.

While it is nice to see a variety of recipes that offer gluten-free options, that only seemed to extend to my dinners. I did not find any breakfast options that were gluten-free. I feel if Gobble wants to have folks add more items and meals onto their weekly boxes, then extending gluten-free and dairy-free options past just the dinner section will be a great idea.

Is Gobble Worth It?

Despite my first impression, I feel that Gobble really delivers on their promise. The meals are very easy to make and come together very quickly. Yes, so quick that your partner won’t have time to finish a match in their video game ;). So, if you’re looking for a meal kit that really takes no time at all to prepare and eat, then Gobble may absolutely be worth the try. Even if for just a few weeks, so that you can enjoy the benefits of that discount.

While my review is over, I did enjoy my time sampling what Gobble has to offer. It’s certainly the easiest meal kit that I have worked with. The instructions were clear, the ingredients were prepped, and dinner was on the table in under an hour. I don’t think you can ask for more from a meal kit. If you’re looking for something with super fresh ingredients, then I would always recommend making things on your own with produce that you have purchased yourself.

If you’re looking for a meal kit to help make weeknight dinners easier to get on the table, then Gobble is absolutely make things easier.

Have you tried Gobble or any other meal kit service? How have these services helped out? Or did they not help you? Let me know down in the comments!

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