Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas

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I don’t know about about you, but there are often times when I see videos and recipes for food that looks so extremely decadent, I just start to drool. I’m a huge fan of cheese. Cheesy, melty, creamy, delicious goodness. That’s just typical when you see something you feel may be so delicious! So, when I saw a recipe for cheesy chicken enchiladas, I really wanted to try them.

Now, typically I don’t try such decadent recipes, but this one seemed worth it. It was simple to make, relatively cheap, and didn’t require much work. That checks off my boxes, right?

Before we get started, this recipe is by Sam The Cooking Guy. You can find the written recipe right -> here. I would strongly recommend that you watch the updated video for this recipe too. It can be found here.

cheesy chicken enchiladas

Making The Cheesy Enchiladas

I’ll say it right now–this recipe is NOT for those who are sensitive to dairy. This recipe disrupted my stomach almost immediately and it was simply for the fact that it is SO rich. Some people may be able to stomach that, but I just want to be honest with you. This will make you feel very heavy, slow, and full. So, if you’re sensitive to dairy that is higher in fat content, then still keep reading because I do have some thoughts on this.

To actually begin making this dish, it doesn’t take too many ingredients at all. Frankly, most of them are already in a can, so you just plop them in a bowl and you’re good to go! Yes, I’m talking about the green chilis, and salsa, and the chipotle peppers, which have a lovely smokey and spicy flavor.

The assembly isn’t all that bad either. Normally, when making enchiladas any other way, you’d use the enchilada sauce to coat the tortillas before filling them. Since this recipe doesn’t call for enchilada sauce, we are instructed to use some chicken broth to soften up the tortilla. Not a bad idea at all. Frankly, this is something that I can definitely see doing in the future when not using enchilada sauces.

Cheesy Enchiladas And The Cream Sauce

cheesy enchilada

The heavy part of this dish is absolutely the cream sauce. It’s only included in 2 parts of the dish, and yet it really comes through as a dominant flavor–in my opinion.

You simply coat the bottom of the dish with the heavy whipping cream, place your rolled tortillas, add a little more cream, and top with cheese. Simple enough, right? As the enchiladas bake, the cream will thicken to form its own sauce.

On the recipe card for these cheesy enchiladas, there is an optional chorizo crema, but I don’t think it should be listed as such. The cream on the enchiladas is thick and heavy, but it doesn’t have any seasoning beyond the cheese on top, and the enchilada filling. Frankly, I wish the enchilada filling came in more prominently over the cream sauce. The chorizo crema brings that needed flavor that cuts through the cream. It’s salty and even a little bit spicy. Yes, it still uses the heavy cream, but it tastes way better than the cream in the enchiladas alone.

All this talk of cream–can this be lightened up a bit?

Well, I think the purpose of this dish is to be as decadent as possible, right? However I think that there can be some adjustments to make this dish a little bit lighter. For example, can we perhaps use milk and corn starch. Yes, this will lower the calories, but keep in mind that the texture may not be exact.

Some other substitutes for heavy cream that could work are:

  • Cashew cream
  • Greek Yogurt and Milk
  • Coconut Cream

These options have not yet been tested, but I’d love to report back with my findings.

cheesy enchilada plated

Grey’s Grade: 3/5

I think the idea for these cheesy chicken enchiladas is great, however it certainly isn’t a meal for the every day, so do keep that in mind. But let’s look past the fact that this is a very rich dish, okay? Now, I wouldn’t have too much of a problem if this dish was loaded with flavor. Unfortunately, the cream sauce was so plain on its own that keeping the chorizo crema as an optional addition just seems so wrong. This dish NEEDS that burst of flavor.

I’d love to give this recipe another try with some needed changes, in my opinion. I love rich food as much as the next person, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Would I recommend these cheesy chicken enchiladas just based off of flavor? Unfortunately, no. I think this recipe needs some changes made in order to be more balanced. Of course, this is simply our opinion, as always. If you’d like to give this recipe a try, please do! Let me know what you think! 🙂

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