Gluten-Free Pita Bread

Tired Of Missing Your Favorite Breads? Me too.

Hello again, my friends!

I’ll say it plainly. I miss making Mediterranean food and having a pita on the side.

I don’t know about you but when you’re gluten-free you tend to…accept some of thing things you may not be able to have anymore. I don’t think that should be the case. In many cases, the things we miss eating are available, but not easily accessible.

Gluten-free pita is not a foreign concept, but I have not come across store-bought pita like this. So, when Kat posted yet another recipe–this time for gluten-free pita, I had to try it ASAP!

Let’s jump right into it. The Loopy Whisk is out with another recipe that you will NEED to add into your rotation. So the handy recipe you will bookmark real quick…is right -> here!

gluten-free pita

Why Get Excited For Gluten-Free Pita?

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been getting more into baking this year and that’s because I finally found a recipe developer who is bringing the dream of texture in homemade gluten-free baked goods into a more accessible reality. That is exactly why we should be excited.

Buying anything gluten-free…it’s not cheap, and regular groceries already aren’t cheap to begin with. So I wanted to take the plunge to make my own breads. Well, starting off a bit smaller before moving into the artisanal loaf realm. We’re almost there, I can feel it!

So if someone who isn’t a confident baker like me can try these recipes and be happy with the results, then you can too! All of these reviews are my first attempts at making these dishes. I want to give you the experience of someone who picked up a review and tried it. Authentically. No practice, no filters–all the struggles and successes.

gluten-free pita bread

Working With The Pita Dough

Normally when we come across recipes, we want to click on the “Jump To Recipe” hyperlink as soon as we find it. If you’re totally new to gluten-free baking of any sort, I do urge you to read Kat’s step-by-step instructions for working with gluten-free dough as well as. You may not need to always reference it, but if you’re new to this type of baking, then you’ll want some sort of guidance and ideas of what to expect.

Let me tell you, when I first used psyllium husk for the cinnamon rolls, I was so surprised at the texture! Absolutely wild when all I had been used to before was crumbly dough that you wouldn’t dare sneeze next to. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but if you know…you know.

This pita dough isn’t difficult to work with and it allows for you to roll each dough ball into a pita shape. I do recommend that you use some parchment paper when rolling out the pitas. Trust me, the less handling of the rolled out dough…the better. Despite being an easy to work’s still delicate.

The Texture And The Flavor Of The Gluten-Free Pita

The texture and flavor of this pita bread is most definitely…gluten-free. Not in a bad way, but it’s just important to note that while the texture is light and soft rather than crumbly and dense, it’s not going to be a 1:1 recreation of a regular pita. I think this may also have something to do with the kneading. Perhaps if the dough was kneaded longer that would change the texture even more. For my first attempt, my results were good, but could still be better to fully resemble pictures on Kat’s post.

For all these recipes, I’ve been using a dough whisk or wooden spoon, and of course…my hands. As I do not own a stand mixer yet, I would be curious to try this recipe again.

The flavor, however, is great! Plus…you get an actual pocket out of these pitas! I ended up making two dinners out of the six pitas that this recipe yielded. I made buffalo chicken pitas full of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and of course…the buffalo chicken.

And then I had leftover lamb, that I cooked up and served up with a homemade tzatziki sauce! And yes–they were all stuffed nicely into the pocket of the pita. Delicious!!

Grey’s Grade: 4.5/5

Gluten-free baking isn’t always simple, and I admit that getting it right on the first try isn’t always going to be the case. The way I judge a recipe is based off how simple it is to achieve the results that are presented by the recipe author.

I would give this a 5/5 if the pitas looked like the pictures. Mainly in color. I do give this recipe a 4.5/5 because I still ended up with a delicious product that definitely passed as a pita. Perhaps I may need to make this recipe over and over until I perfect my own technique for this recipe, but…if you’re totally new to gluten-free baking of any sort..this is me telling you that it is possible to successfully make these gluten-free pitas. But if you’re looking to get picture-perfect pitas…you may just need to spend some more time making these. As they say…practice makes perfect!

If you’re looking for some great gluten-free recipes for baked goods…I absolutely recommend checking out The Loopy Whisk. For those who are gluten-free, Celiac, or have friends and family who are…it’s definitely a great resource for delicious and tested recipes!

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