Gluten-Free Apple Cobbler

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I made it my mission this year to make sure I use up all the apples I had brought home from apple picking. I only had about 20 apples, so it wasn’t an impossible task, however…when I don’t bake often and it’s just two people here? Makes it more tricky sometimes.

So today, I will be sharing another tasty and sweet recipe that I tried to use up the last 4 apples that I had!

This week’s review is for a yummy apple cobbler. It’s by Mama Gourmand and you can find the recipes right-> here!

Apple Cobbler 1

The Apple Cobbler Filling

Since your apples will need to bake covered for a bit, it’s best that you start with prepping them first! This filling combines some of the usual suspects, like sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, and lemon juice, but it also includes nutmeg, corn starch and…another type of sugar? Yes, regular granulated sugar and brown sugar, so if you’re looking to reduce the amount of sugar, then you may want to consider working with some sweetener alternatives.

Of course, the goal with this apple mixture is to create a syrupy sweet combination that that will go perfectly with the biscuit topping. This mixture certainly satisfied this requirement, and it’s quite tasty! That little bit of nutmeg is a great touch!

Apple Cobbler Biscuit Topping

The Mix And Drop Biscuits For The Apple Cobbler

My favorite part of a cobbler is always the biscuit topping! It’s crisp, buttery, and such a nice complement to the sweet filling. On its own, the filling is EXTREMELY sweet, but combined in a cobbler, it’s delightful. I’m not a huge fan of sweet treats like this, but if you like cobblers, then you will certainly appreciate this.

But the most important part of this–it’s a GLUTEN-FREE cobbler that we’re making, right? This recipe calls for the use of gluten-free flour. If you’ve read my previous reviews, then you know I’ve been using a homemade mix of buckwheat flour, millet flour, and tapioca flour in place of store-bought all purpose mixes. I used that because that’s all I had on hand. If you have the recommend type in the recipe, then I bet it will turn out wonderfully.

The most important part of biscuit making, however, is the cold butter. So gluten-free or not, you have to use that chopped up cold butter to ensure you have nice buttery cobbler topping. Once all combined you can drop it on top of the hot apple mixture that should be coming out of that oven by the time you’re done making the biscuit mix.

Apple Cobbler Plated

Baking The Cobbler

This recipe has you make the cobbler in one dish, but I decided to make individual cobblers in smaller baking dishes. Plus they’re pumpkins–I had to be festive, right? So, if you follow the instruction on the recipe, then you should keep an eye on the cobbler until it begins to turn golden brown. I assume it will take the indicated time.

I had to take mine out about 10 minutes early because well–less area to bake, right? This recipe will absolutely work even if you modify your baking dish. If you go smaller, then you just have to make sure that you’re keeping an eye on your cobblers to ensure that the biscuit topping doesn’t burn. The last thing you want is a bitter biscuit with super sweet filling.

Serving Apple Cobbler

Grey’s Grade: 4.5/5

Mama Gourmand’s recipe for this gluten-free apple cobbler is VERY tasty. If you’re a cobbler fan and missing it since going gluten-free, then I absolutely recommend this recipe. I think the apple filling is very sweet, but it is certainly meant to be that way. The gluten-free biscuit topping is also a winner. While I am not a huge fan of super sweet fillings, the biscuit topping was my favorite!

Combine all of that with a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream, and you’re in for a very tasty dessert!

The only reason I didn’t give this a perfect 5/5 is for the sugar content in the filling. I think it would have been just as delicious and sweet if only the brown sugar was included, or the granulated sugar, but not both. I’m curious to give it a try, because everything else was just fabulous!

Do you have some apples left to use up? What will you be making? Let me know in the comments below!

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