Miso Marinated Steak Bowl

Miso Marinaded Steak To Kick Off The Grilling Season

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I can’t believe it, but I feel the warm weather is here to stay! To celebrate that, we’ll be seeing more BBQ friendly recipes! And by that I mean–I’ll have my husband step in to help out. Ya know…teamwork makes the dream work. It’s so nice to finally have a home where we can grill without having to go out or…cook steak inside and smoke up the entire kitchen, haha. Condo struggles, am I right?

Anywho–we’re here to celebrate this delightful warm weather with a recipe for a Miso Marinated Steak Bowl. My mouth waters at the memory of this. It’s certainly one you’ll love to try, so let’s get to it!

This week’s recipe is by The Defined Dish and you can find the recipe right -> here!

The Miso Marinade

As I’m sure you all have seen, I’ve reviewed quite a handful of recipes by The Defined Dish. The blog is updated quite regularly, the recipes haven’t failed me, and that just means I must share my experiences!

Each year Alex has a collection of delicious Grill season recipes. This one being no exception. It all starts with the marinade. It’s sweet, salty–ooof! Just full of such great flavor and aroma from the marinading stage all the way to its final plating.

Alex is very conscious of mentioning what Miso paste is made out of. While most of the ingredients are gluten-free some are not. If you are gluten-sensitive or Celiac, please make sure you are choosing a brand that is gluten-free. I ended up ordering mine off Amazon, but I have also been able to find a gluten-free miso paste at Whole Foods. Unfortunately, I’m not as close to a Whole Foods as I used to be 😉

So that’s just off the bat–make sure that your white miso paste is gluten-free, if needed, and you’re good to go!

The miso marinade comes together quite quickly and very easily. Honestly, preparing the steak is a breeze. So if you have some time, you can put together the marinade, cover the steak, and let it do its work for a few hours before you grill it. Honestly, the most worry-free prep there is.

Miso Veggies

The Miso Drizzle & The Veggies

There’s just something about grilled veggies that tastes like Summer. The delightful char on the skin of the bok choy as well as the jalapeño (or Fresno Chile if you get your hands on some). These are truly low stress veggies for this delicious recipe. Simply prep the veggies, combine with olive oil, and grill once ready. It only takes a few minutes on each side for the veggies to be ready. But the real cherry on top? The Miso Drizzle!

The sauce contains ingredients similar to the marinade. While not full of spices, this drizzle has a nice combination of sweet and salty, and even a little acidic (from the rice vinegar) that pairs wonderfully with both the veggies and the steak!

This sauce is without a doubt well-balanced. It doesn’t overpower any other part of the dish.

Miso Marinated Steak Bowl

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

This is most certainly a great recipe to kick off your summer grilling season with. I find that it’s not your typical marinade and sauce, which is why I enjoyed it so much and why I feel you may enjoy it as well. This is perfect to serve for guests or if you’re just enjoying a dinner for two. It’s certainly not difficult to make but tastes restaurant-quality. I’d certainly be happy to order this off the menu any day.

I appreciate that this recipe can be made gluten-friendly without much fuss, so this makes for a recipe that will be accommodating to most.

So whether you’re entertaining or enjoying an evening in–this is a recipe I most certainly give my stamp of approval to.

I truly hope you give this one a try!

What are your favorite recipes to enjoy during the Summer months? Let me know in the comments below!

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