Broccoli Slaw & Spicy Shrimp Salad

Broccoli Slaw

Heat Up Your Tastebuds Without Sweating Over The Stove!

Salads are absolutely my favorite to make during the summer. They’re easy to make and definitely help keep the temperature down in our condo. Plus, the salads I’ve been trying have been an absolute hit. Yes, just like this broccoli slaw with spicy shrimp.

So, let’s start our chat about your next favorite salad.

This recipe is by the excellent Clean Foodie Cravings. The recipe can be found right -> here!

This recipe takes you away from the plain bowls of greens and simple dressings. The flavor combination between the shrimp and broccoli slaw is absolutely delightful. Frankly, your family will be requesting more salads like this once you make it. I know my husband really enjoyed it. Plus, this isn’t a “warm” salad. The shrimp should be prepared before you start working on the actual slaw. So yes–this is perfect for a hot summer day!

Just The Right Amount of Spice on the Shrimp…

The first star of this dish is absolutely the shrimp. Prepare it first and let those flavors fill your kitchen. I ended up using frozen shrimp from Trader Joe’s, which worked out perfectly. If you use fresh shrimp, then my friends, it’s going to be just as amazing, if not more! Next the seasoning really makes the shrimp shine. I did not have Old Bay seasoning, so I ended up making my own. But if you have Old Bay at hand–please do just follow the recipe closely :).

The seasoning on this shrimp packs just enough heat by being insanely flavorful without it burning your mouth. That’s where the balance is created. When you end up taking a bite of this salad–one piece of shrimp and a forkful of the slaw, your tastebuds will dance.

Number one reminder–don’t forget to toss the cooked shrimp in some lemon juice. Makes SUCH a difference! So stinking’ delicious!

Completing The Salad With The Delicious Broccoli Slaw

After making salad after slaw full of greens, I wanted to try something else, and this was it! Broccoli slaw! The part about it? You don’t have to shave or grate broccoli for this. I mean, technically, you can, but I prefer to just buy the pre-made slaw mixture. It just makes weeknight cooking so much easier. This one I also found on my weekly trip to Trader Joe’s! Once you have that, you can add the remaining ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and even bacon, the.

When combined with the dressing before serving, the slaw still maintains its crunch, which was my main concern when I made it the first time. The textures from all the ingredients are absolutely outstanding and I feel the dressing just brings out that goodness. No flavor is lost in any seasoning or dressing. This recipe is truly a winner in our household.

Broccoli Slaw and Spicy Shrimp

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

When it gets warmer outside, the last thing I want to do is stand over pots and pans, or even keep the oven on longer than I want. Making this Broccoli Slaw with Spicy Shrimp by Clean Foodie Cravings is an absolutely simple and flavorful treat. It’s perfect for the summer months to keep the temperature down, but good any time of the year if you just want to make something delicious.

This recipe is very simple to follow, but you’d think you were concocting flavor combinations all day. You can make even your weeknights feel like a delicious weekend by making this.

If you’re looking to switch up your salads with something other than just greens, consider trying this one, because I know we’ll be making it again in the near future. And if you’re looking for more delightful flavors, don’t forget to check out Clean Foodie Cravings on her blog and her socials. She’s an absolutely delight!

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