Pantry Pad Thai Using Thai Kitchen’s Gluten-Free Pad Thai Sauce!

Save Some Time With Pantry Pad Thai

When you’re low on time and unsure of what to make for dinner, I highly recommend having some premade sauces on hand. Sure it’s great to make sauces from scratch, but you can’t deny that it doesn’t save you time. Plus, it saves you a bit of money too.

Last week I cleaned out our pantry because I needed to make some room for more groceries. I found that I had plenty of ingredients to make many dishes multiple times. That’s the typical part of my reviews. When you find many recipes to check out, you end up buying ingredients that you may only need a little of. These ingredients are typically kinds of pasta, sauces, and seasonings.

In this case, I had plenty of Thai Kitchen’s Rice Noodle Sticks, which are perfect for Pad Thai!

Pad Thai, in general, does not require a lot of obscure ingredients. The only part of this recipe that requires a few more ingredients is the sauce. Because I did not want to get a handful of new ingredients that were going to take up space (at this time), I decided to try a pre-made sauce by my favorite company that caters so kindly to those on the Gluten-Free diet: Thai Kitchen.

How To Make A Quick Pad Thai

Pad Thai

The Pad Thai that I ended up making is extremely simple. I kept the basics, like egg, protein (I used chicken thighs and shrimp), bean sprouts, peanuts, limes, and of course the rice noodles! The Pad Thai sauce was purchased on Amazon, however, please do check your local grocers. My dad was able to find this same exact sauce for a fraction of the price. Luckily the jar is good for multiple servings. That means we’ll just be making more Pad Thai creations!

To make this Pad Thai, start by soaking your rice noodles (or cook them according to the package instructions). While the noodles are soaking, begin cooking your protein. For this dish, I used peanut oil, but you can use canola or even avocado oil. Essentially, I want an oil with a higher smoke point than olive oil.

Once the protein is close to being cooked through I pour in two scrambled eggs and let it cook and bubble until it browns lightly before breaking it up and incorporating it into the protein mix.

Shortly after you can add in a handful of peanuts and some beansprouts. When the rice noodles are ready, toss them in and add about 2-3 tablespoons of the Thai Kitchen Gluten-Free Pad Thai sauce. Keep cooking until everything is fully coated in the sauce, then get ready to plate!

Yes, seriously. It’s that simple. By using a premade sauce you’re saving yourself maybe an extra 5 minutes or so, because Pad Thai, in general, is not a difficult dish to make. Also please keep in mind that this is not an authentic take on the dish. So this is absolutely very much a pantry Pad Thai, but during the week when you’re craving some Thai flavor…it really hits the spot!

Pad Thai

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

Today’s review focuses on the sauce that was purchased specifically for this dish. Thai Kitchen’s Gluten-Free Pad Thai sauce did not disappoint. I enjoy that it is a larger jar than their curry paste jars, which means that being able to make Pad Thai during the week just got that much easier. I’ve had plenty of Pad Thai in my time to understand which flavors I am looking for. When I sat down to taste this dish I smiled really wide. The flavor really hits the spot, and if you’re following a recipe more closely and using this sauce that you have on hand, I can promise you that you’ll be pleased.

Of course, I will always recommend that you make the sauce from scratch, but we know that may not always be possible. So at least here’s an alternative that will still get you those delicious flavors.

When purchasing this sauce, please be sure to check with your local grocer (maybe an H Mart or a grocery store with an international aisle), because you should be able to find it at a lower price than on Amazon. My helpful tip for you!

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