Excellent Weeknight Sheet Pan Hawaiian Shrimp and Rice Dinner

Hello again! I hope you’re all doing well and enjoying your cooking adventures! Or, are you still flirting with the thought, the idea of beginning your cooking journey? It’s never too late.

Well, today we’re reviewing a recipe by Simply Scratch for a Sheet Pan Shrimp and Rice Dinner. Perhaps this will be your ticket to start!

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Sheet Pan Hawaiian Shrimp and Rice Dinner
Sheet Pan Hawaiian Shrimp and Rice Dinner by Simply Scratch

Have Leftover Rice from Takeout? KEEP IT!

For this recipe, leftover rice is the best for this recipe. Ours was made fresh in the morning and used in the evening for dinner, so I can guarantee that this meal would have tasted even better if the rice was a little older. The reason for that is that it’s much easier to work with. If you have some leftover rice from your takeout, I highly recommend keeping it for a recipe just like this. This shrimp and rice dinner is worth it. Plus, if you have more than is needed for this recipe, then you can still use it for more meals. Leftover rice is great to work with.

Sheet Pan Magic

In my time reviewing recipes, I’ve come across so many sheet pan recipes. They all seemed too similar and they weren’t capturing my attention. The reason this one made the cut is because the flavor combination is different from the many recipes I’ve seen. The beauty of a sheet pan recipe is that it comes together quickly and it doesn’t require any fancy techniques. Once it’s in the oven, you wait, and then you eat. How great is that? This makes it the perfect weeknight dinner, especially for busy families.

As long as your sheet pan is greased well with the coconut oil, mixing all the ingredients should be no problem at all. And if it’s not greased super well? No worries at all. You are still going to have a great result from this recipe–I guarantee it. Why? Because it happened to me!

I think this is a great recipe for home cooks who are trying to add more home cooked meals into their diet. It’s not always easy making the time to throw something together, but when it’s this easy–what have you got to lose, right? I think recipes like this are great stepping stones to even more simple recipes that you can master any time of the week. The last thing you want after an already stressful day is more stress with cooking. No thank you.

Grey’s Sheet Pan Hawaiian Shrimp and Rice Dinner

Balance of Flavor

The flavor combination in this recipe often reminds me of the sweet and sour entrees. Pineapple is a very strong flavor in savory dishes, so it’s good to balance it out correctly. I ended up adding the amount mentioned on the recipe. When I make this next time, I’ll probably add a little bit less. It could very likely be the pineapple I used, but it certainly was a very prominent flavor. If you have just the right amount, then the beautiful balance of the sauce, the shrimp, the veggies, and the pineapple is so incredibly satisfying. This is one of those recipes that will definitely be added into my collection of repeats.

Grey’s Grade: 4.5/5

If you’re looking for a quick recipe to make during the week, I would absolutely recommend this one. The flavors are anything but bland and will certainly brighten your evening after a long day of work. As long as you have your ingredients ready and your oven preheated–you are truly setup for success.

The only reason this recipe doesn’t have a perfect 5/5 is due to our flavor palette. The next time I end up making this, I’m sure I’ll be able to bump it up to a 5/5 just by making some changes to accommodate the flavor balance that my boyfriend and I enjoy. For you it may be a knockout 5/5, but that will require you to try this out.

We’re over halfway through the crazy year that is 2020–don’t be afraid to take a chance and try something new, or something that you’re unsure of. You may be surprised by your skills as well as the wonderful flavors of a simple sheet pan dinner.

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