Take-Out Quality Pad See Ew At Home!

Before we start, I hope you’re all doing well in what is understandably a very nutty time in 2020. I hope you and yours are safe and staying home (if possible). Many of my close friends work in the medical field, so I am thinking of them extremely dearly during this time.

But in this uncertain time, the one thing I know for sure is that food will always brighten up the soul.

My Favorite Thai Dish…

Thai food would absolutely have to be my favorite cuisine. I’ve been taking my sweet time to try making my absolute favorite dish I have at EVERY Thai place I order from: Pad See Ew. The main reason I waited is that I didn’t want my favorite dish ruined just because I couldn’t execute it properly. It’s like when you love a movie and are too afraid to watch the remake because it’ll ruin the magic of the original. Ya know? I’ll give you a spoiler, this one turned out just fine!

Today’s recipe for Pad See Ew comes from Marion’s Kitchen and it can be found -> here.

Marion's Kitchen Pad See Ew
Marion’s Pad See Ew – DELICIOUS!

Another reason that I waited so long to actually make this dish is that I didn’t know where I could get fresh rice noodles and Chinese broccoli that are required for this recipe. You could get the dry ones, but I promise you…it would not be the same. Luckily, I have an International market not too far from me that is simply full of everything I needed. Also, just down the street from my boyfriend’s condo is a grocery store that had the fresh noodles I needed (yes, because I forgot the ones I bought at home).

Or, if you don’t have access to stores like that, Marion actually provides a recipe for fresh rice noodles, so there’s a solution for everything here!

When it comes to actually cooking this, my one tip is: have everything ready. Just like all recipes, but with Asian cooking, it’s especially crucial. A lot of these recipes are cooked at high heat and come together very quickly. I don’t think you’d like scrambling to measure out sauces halfway through cooking. Take it from me, you wouldn’t.

Pad See Ew Grey's edition. Recipe by Marion's Kitchen
Grey’s Pad See Ew!

I’ve never worked with fresh noodles before, but there’s a first time for everything. Allow me to tell you what I would have done differently with my execution of this recipe. Just as I mentioned above, have everything ready, so each ingredient can cook on high heat, quickly. I could have done better with peeling the rice noodles from the platter early (since they’re sticky) and then had them all ready to toss in the pan. Because I was peeling them off right as it was time to toss everything in, the noodles cooked a bit longer in the high heat. That might have added to them being a little bit softer than I wanted.

Regardless, the flavor and color was almost there, which means that I will absolutely be making this again just to see if we could get closer to that picture perfect execution.

Nothing can stop you from recreating your favorite take-out dishes!

Grey’s Grade 5/5

I’ll give this a full 5/5 because the simplicity of this recipe made me less afraid of trying a dish I absolutely love. If you’re confused by a step, the link I provided also has a video that you can follow along with, for those visual learners out there! This recipe is easy to follow, rather simple, and has you ending up with a great meal to enjoy on your own or share with others!

Take it from me, you don’t want to snooze on Marion’s Kitchen.

As always, thanks for reading! If you’ve tried this or have any suggestions, feel free to comment or check out my “Contact Me” section on the blog! I’d love to hear from you.

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