GreyEyes Cooks: Hanger* Steak With Tahini and Smashed Charred Beets

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday!

For the past few weeks, I’ve tested out recipes that were quick, easy, and very flavorful. Now, I wanted to keep the same criteria going, but I also wanted add a little bit more color to the presentation. That’s EXACTLY how I wound up picking this recipe for hanger steak with tahini and smashed charred beets.

This recipe is courtesy of Bon Appetit magazine, once again! You can find this recipe right -> here.

That recipe was a challenge because I hadn’t made steak like that before. I’ve cut up skirt steak for a stir-fry before, but never just pan fried it until it was the right temperature. Phew, I spent a good hour reading and re-reading the recipe and steak-cooking tips. It’s also important to mention that instead of hanger or skirt steak, I ended up using flank steak.

Now, was I amazingly successful? NO! That’s the beauty of learning to make something new. I got VERY close to cooking the steak to the right temperature for medium-rare, but it still needed a little bit more time. Once I started cutting the steak after it had some time to rest, I ended up throwing it back in the pan to cook a little bit more. Luckily, it was only 1 or 2 more minutes, so that nice pink center was still there! I know that it’ll take more practice, but let’s look at it this way–my first attempt at cooking a steak in a pan was with flank steak and not filet mignion, right? Nothing to cry about!

Photo credit to Andy for capturing one of my favorite recipes I’ve tried!

The real star in my opinion were the beets! They roasted at 450 F for about 50 minutes. By the time they were finished, they were tender enough to be crushed by the palm of my hand. The colorful interior almost oozed out through the skin. The only seasoning on them was salt and a little bit of pepper, but the real kick was the vinegar, honey, and red chili pepper drizzle. The small bit of heat gave the beets the pop that they needed to stand out on the dish. I can definitely see myself making these again without the steak.

Together the combination of flavors from the steak, the tahini, the beets, and the spicy drizzle? Woo! Seriously, if you’re looking to spice up your weeknight or weekend dinner–I highly recommend this recipe. Yes, even to those who haven’t cooked steak as often, or ever before!

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

If steak wasn’t enough reason to make this–then think of the beets! This recipe definitely deserves a chance. If you’re looking for something new for yourself or for your significant other, this is it. I say this even when I tend to get a little frustrated with the steak, butI know I will make this again. Next time, it’ll be even better because at least I’ll know what to do with the steak, right?

Anywho, before I start salivating–I leave you with the hope that you get to try this. My best wishes to your cooking endeavors.

As always, happy nomming!



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