Delicious & Simple Baked Chimichangas

Satisfy Your Cravings Without the Guilt

I’ve had a bit of a trend on this blog of finding healthier alternatives to dishes we love to indulge on. This week’s recipe is no different with these baked chimichangas.

The other week I was really craving something that involved a tortilla stuffed with some sort of protein. Now, that could be a couple of things. Could be a taco, could be an enchilada–but those two were made not long ago in our house, so I wanted to switch it up. That’s how I ended up looking for a recipe for baked chimichangas.

If you are not familiar with what they are, they are compared to burritos, except they’re fried burritos. I’ve also seen them compered to enchiladas, however chimichangas are not covered in a sauce. And yes, as mentioned, chimichangas are traditionally fried, so that’s why today we’re looking into a baked recipe.

Speaking of which, this delicious recipe comes from A Girl Who Ate Everything. If you haven’t checked out their blog, you definitely should!

You can check out the recipe right -> here!

Baked chimichangas
The Girl Who Ate Everything’s Baked Chicken Chimichangas

Prepped in a Flash

There are many ways that you can prepare this dish, but this recipe makes it so incredibly simple, especially on those crazy busy days. The recipe calls for cooked chicken (shredded or chopped). I ended up buying a fresh rotisserie chicken that I shredded. Combine with the spices and your favorite salsa and your mix is ready! Crazy quick! Just the way I like it during the week.

Now, if you really wanted to make everything from scratch, then you’d roast your own chicken, which can take you about 2 hours. Then you’d prepare a salsa, which isn’t labor intensive, but it certainly calls for a handful of ingredients. This recipe is full of time saving directions, which isn’t a bad thing. We can all admit that shortcuts are often something we crave when life gets crazy. Doesn’t make it any less delicious–I promise you! This particular recipes makes for a great weeknight meal. If you went through all the other steps , then it would certainly be better as a weekend recipe. More time, right?

Baked Chimichangas made by Grey
Grey’s final plate of Baked Chimichangas

What About the Taste?

One of the most important parts of these reviews is the actual taste test. Sure, you can follow the steps on a recipe, but is it actually tasty? Yes. One of my favorite parts of a chimichanga is the crunch of the tortilla when you bite or cut into it. Now, do you get that same effect in the baked version?

Yes, actually.

Because of the high temperature and the butter wash before baking, the tortilla ends up beautifully crispy and the filling is warm and melty. Overall a fantastic alternative to the fried, traditional version of the chimichanga.

It satisfied my craving, certainly, and I’m sure it will satisfy yours!

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

This recipe in its simplicity is delicious. It turned out great the first time I made it, and I guarantee it will the second and third time that I’ll make it. If you have extra time in your day there are ways that you can really add your personal touch. Switch up the salsa you use, or make your own. Cook your chicken instead of buying a rotisserie chicken, and season it to your liking. But for busy folks or those who just want a home cooked meal made without additional steps–this recipe is a great pick for you.

If you end up having leftovers, I recommend reheating in the oven to maintain a crispy exterior of the tortilla. Microwaving will likely make it more soggy. I wouldn’t recommend that.

Take the time to try something new this week–delicious and simple recipes await you!

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