Brown Sugar Salmon With Garlic Bok Choy

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Brown Sugar Salmon on a Weekday–That’s Right!

Hello weekday warriors! How are you all doing with the holiday countdown? Me? I’m trying to stock up on as many easy and budget-friendly weeknight recipes as I can to let me focus on the craziness that’s about to happen. Am I alone in that feeling?

Well, whether I am or not, I am here to continue with sharing my favorite weekday finds along with some money-saving tips when out shopping for your weekly groceries!

This week it’s another one of my favorite bloggers, Clean Foodie Cravings, bringing her recipe for Keto Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon.

You can find the recipe right -> here!

This recipe is perfect for during the week because it comes together extremely quickly–I wish I had timed it, but I’m sure it took me under 30 minutes.

How I Like To Save Money And Time During The Week…

This past weekend I ended up spending a little bit more money at the grocery store than I wanted to, or rather, more than I usually do. Why? Well, I didn’t have anything grand planned, but I wanted to think ahead for the next few weeks. Since we do have some events coming up, I wanted to save money for recipe-specific ingredients that I may need. So this past week, I bought some things in bulk–protein, especially.

Whole Foods (and Trader Joe’s–not leaving them out for sure) have some great value packs of meat and fish. I knew ahead of time that I wanted something to have on hand that I can just stick in the fridge to defrost the night before and only have to worry about the spices and produce that would be paired with it. So I got a pack of Atlantic Salmon. They’re all pre-portioned out, so you just need to cut off however many you’re eating.

With us being a household of only 2 people, buying semi in bulk makes sense around this time of year. It’s truly less of a headache for me each week when I’m trying to think “My God–What do I make today!?”

Aside from the salmon, I do like to keep a white fish on hand too. I picked up the value pack of cod fillets. Already used two when I made fish taco bowls. See? So many ideas during the week and they’re just a defrost away!

Aside from these awesome value packs, I do like to keep come pre-chopped/pre-minced jars of garlic and ginger. Normally, I’d get the fresh stuff, but some days you just want to open up a jar, spoon a teaspoon of ginger, and call it a day. No shame in these shortcuts, friends. Don’t let people tell you otherwise, ok? Ok.

Now let’s talk about prepping this delicious brown sugar salmon.

This Recipe Moves Quickly!

When you’re cooking during the week, you want to have the recipe done and on the table in time with the recipe directions. Let me tell you, there is barely any waiting around for things to cook. Clean Foodie Cravings directions are extremely accurate. If you’ve never cooked anything like this before, I promise you that you’re in good hands.

So, let me speed up a little bit.

Once your cauliflower rice is cooked, the bok choy is slightly charred (best done on a cast iron), we move on to the final step of this recipe, which is cooking the salmon.

Yes, please do use salmon with the skin on. Why? A few reasons…

  • Crispy salmon skin is tasty
  • Keeping the skin on adds a protective layer between the fish and the hot pan
  • Taking the salmon out of the pan is a lot easier with a spatula under the salmon skin than the delicate fish

Once the salmon is almost fully-cooked, it’s the perfect time to our the sauce over the fish. I ended up not using red pepper flakes in the sauce, but I highly recommend it. Don’t overdo it. You just want it to have that nice hint of spice that is very pleasant.

Because the pan is already hot, it doesn’t take long for the sauce to quickly thicken. Keep spooning the sauce over the salmon, because rather than being a thin sauce with “a hint” of flavor, you have a beautiful thick coating of this sauce. Added bonus? The color is beautiful!

Once the salmon is coated and everything is plated…you’re ready to go, my friends! This is a recipe you absolutely want to sit down and enjoy.

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

This brown sugar salmon is an absolute hit to make during the week, especially if you plan ahead just a little bit. If you do have the time to stop by the grocery store for fresh salmon, then even better, but we’re looking at the time-crunch dinners here. This recipe is so incredibly easy and just as tasty, which is why I will be adding this to my folder of repeats.

I also forgot to add–if you don’t care for bok choy or cauliflower rice then swap it out for something you do like. Weekday meals are awesome when they’re quick, but make sure you’re actually enjoying them too. And if you’re using the baby bok choy, make sure it’s fresh and crisp and lightly charred on the pan. Ours wasn’t as charred as I would like, but it still ended up being yummy with the garlic.

If you have any go-to weeknight dinners, what are they? What keeps you sane during the week? I’d love to hear!

Until next time, my friends–stay grey-mazing!

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