Bestowed: Healthy Options for a Healthy Lifestyle

Let’s face it–we all try to lead a healthy lifestyle, but with everything that is being offered on the market, it isn’t always clear what the best options are. There are hundreds of companies out there that provide similar products and they all vow that theirs is THE best. Now, unless it’s your job to actually study these products, I don’t think that any of us really have the extra time to spend researching these items. I mean, there are hundreds of brands out there, so how the heck are we supposed to narrow it down without getting lost in all of it?monkey-puppet-omg-shock-gif


Well, I did stumble across a new subscription box, called Bestowed, that can help narrow it down a little bit. Like all products, these are merely options that you can consider.

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With Bestowed, you have the hard work of the research taken care of by an actual dietitian and nutritionist. Heather Bauer, the founder of this awesome box, has many years of experience when it comes to helping people get on a better track to eating healthier. Check out her page for more information on her work!

Order Details: Price

  • 1 month: $24.95
  • 3 months: $18/month, which saves you 10%
  • 6 months : $17/month, which saves you 15%
  • 12 months: $16/month, which saves you 20%

Let’s Review

In my case, I recently started working in an office where I’m sitting for a good 8 hours. After working retail, it’s quite a change, because I was used to walking 18-20,000+ steps during my shift. Now it’s definitely not quite like that. So while I enjoy writing reviews and discovering new subscription boxes, I wanted to find something that would offer healthy options.

What really drew me into considering Bestowed was that it included not only snacks, but supplements and lifestyle products. My first box was a lovely mixture of all of those.

The snacks that I received were definitely tasty and didn’t leave me feeling guilty. Ahh, gotta love those healthy choices, right?


One of the first things that I tried the moment I got my box was the bag of Sriracha Rice Chips. I went for those first because I wanted to try something I was familiar with. Hot damn–they were awesome! I’m already a fan of rice chips, so this was really fun to try.

Next up were the Aronia berry gummy chews, which I am snacking on as I type this. They tasted like any other fruit snack without the weird artificial aftertaste that many fruit snacks tend to have. So, props to you, Superberries. You were absolutely delicious!

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While the snacks were tasty, I actually did receive something that I, personally, didn’t really enjoy. This happens! Woah, an honest review!

In my box were two juice-box-looking drinks. I thought they were juice boxes until I flipped them over and saw that they were water. Not plain water, of course, but water “with a dash of” (in my case I had peach and strawberry as the flavors). Now, I was skeptical just because I’ve never seen water in a carton (the same way people haven’t seen milk in a bag, but that’s how they sold it in Poland during the 90’s…not sure about now). I tried to think of reasons why this product would exist, and the only thing that popped into my head was that it was to be geared toward the audience that doesn’t drink enough water because they don’t like the flavor of it? I personally like water, but if I wanted to jazz it up a bit, I would simply add some cucumber or lemon, or heck, any other fruit.

This was certainly…different.


Wonderwell definitely sold water to their audience, but the fruit flavoring didn’t sit well with me. Perhaps it was because I only like flavored water when I do it myself, but I can understand why people would like it.

My Mom, for example, doesn’t really like water on its own. She’ll only drink it if she needs to take medicine, but that’s about it. I had her try the strawberry flavored water  in order to give me a different perspective for this review. She personally liked it because it wasn’t too sweet and she said she’d prefer to drink that over regular water.

Clearly it looks like it’s a preference thing, which is totally understandable. Having the option of naturally flavored water certainly has its benefits, especially for those who need to drink more water, but would prefer another alternative that tastes better.

So while the water didn’t really thrill me, there are still some items that I am still very excited about. The supplements that I received look promising and quite tasty. Yes, I’m looking at you Aloha dietary supplement. You’re a chocolate blend, so how could I not already adore you?? Yeah, that’s right.

GreyEyes Reviews: Bestowed Video

All in all, I will mention that this box is definitely unique because of Bauer’s input on what actually goes in them. If you’re looking for something on the healthier side to even guide you in the right direction of having a healthier lifestyle, then give it a go! Maybe this box will work for you, or maybe you’ll just want to try it like I did.

I highly recommend this box for anyone who wants to try something new. Who knows, maybe you’ll love what it has to offer. Don’t be afraid to explore the different options that these boxes offer! That’s what makes subscription boxes so fun! You’re given a chance to sample these products without having to fully commit to buying something new in bulk!

Till next time, my darlings!


Happy Snacking!