Anyone Can Cook–Even During the Week!

As Gusteau in Ratatouille said, “Anyone Can Cook”.

Plain and simple.

One of the most common excuses for not cooking at home is that we don’t have time. One of the main reasons that I started this review blog is to show you that cooking isn’t something that you need to fit into your schedule. There’s already room for it. You just have to know where to look for inspiration and give yourself some credit.

When cooking, you want to make something that will taste delicious, without keeping you in the kitchen for the majority of the evening. Nothing wrong with that when you have some extra time, but during the week? I’d pass on that.

So how does one include more home cooking if you don’t even know where to start?

Hi, I'm Grey! Anyone can cook if they know where to start looking for recipes

How Do I Find The Right Kind Of Recipes When You Need Some Inspiration?

I know I’m not alone when it comes to scrolling through Facebook recipe videos. I follow plenty of cooking pages, and before I started this blog many of these videos and recipes ended up in my “Saved for Later” category. Does that sound like you? Welcome to the club.

Start off by picking recipes that don’t require you to go out and purchase all the ingredients. Work with what you have at home and then let’s brainstorm.

The internet is fantastic because there are a handful of websites that help find your recipes based on what ingredients you have in your fridge and pantry. I’ll include a few for reference.

Need Some Foodie Inspiration?

I’ll be honest–I hit that wall sometimes. I don’t know what flavors I’m craving, but that is often solved with a quick visit to my Instagram or Pinterest feed. Food photography does such a great job to get you salivating and thinking of your next meal. Another way to get inspiration is by working with a meal-kit service to get you excited about cooking, discover interesting flavor combinations, and learn to pair ingredients together.

I’ve reviewed a handful of meal-kits that include a variety of recipes and different menus. Now, not every meal-kit is a home run, but I admit there are more good choices than bad. Honestly, it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re needing a meal-kit that caters to a particular lifestyle, be sure to do your research. The first meal-kit that I tried and reviewed, Blue Apron, was a great start for me to embrace my love for cooking. I never felt overwhelmed, but rather excited to keep pursuing new flavors and techniques.

My goal is to make my message in this blog post ring absolutely true.

Cooking can be quick, flavorful, and budget-friendly. Frankly, it should.

You don’t have to be sweating over pots and pans only to enjoy a meal for a few minutes. If you feel comfortable in the kitchen and know where to look and what to make–cooking at home becomes a routine, one that you don’t dread.

Meal-kits serve as a great stepping stone, and even inspiration to continue down your cooking path.

anyone can cook

Yes, Anyone Can Cook, But Where to Start?

If this is your first time reading something on this website, then let me just say that this may be a great place for you to start. My blog is dedicated to recipe reviews. I scrolled through enough recipes on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest before realizing that there are so many of us that do this. We save recipes for another day and never get to actually trying them. I take the plunge for you and check out these recipes, so I can test them out and give you my honest feedback.

Another area to look into is your own life. Do you have any childhood favorite dishes your family made? Explore them again. Introduce them to the next generation. The greatest love, in my eyes, is expressed through food.

The deliciousness is timeless.

So how about that? Are you ready to get cooking?

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