Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Tart

Vegan Tart Perfect For Any Occasion

Hello friends!

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! This week I’d love to share another sweet review with you. I think this one is perfect for any special occasion, including Valentine’s Day which is literally–tomorrow! Don’t worry, you’d still have time to make this recipe if you decide you want to for tomorrow.

The recipe we’re checking out today is by The Minimalist Baker. You can find the recipe right -> here!

This tart is something special because it requires zero baking and minimal tools. Honestly you just need a food processor, a heat-safe blender, and a small sauce pan. Oh–and I suppose a pie tin and a freezer, right?

Vegan Tart Slice

This tart is done in layers and each of them is full of delightful flavors. What shocks me the most about this tart is that it’s vegan. Yes–100% vegan. There’s no dairy, no butter, no animal products–period.

It’s All In the Layers, Baby!

This vegan tart stats off with some prep that is incredibly simple. Soak some dates and some cashews while you set everything else up. This recipe is truly done step by step, because each layer will need to set in the freezer before it’s topped off with a new one.

vegan tart crust

I wondered about this tart crust. How can a couple of dates combine pecans, cocoa power, and a sprinkling of sea salt form a crust? Holy smokes, it can be done very easily, my friends. Once you add in the soaked dates into the mixture it combines very quickly into a mildly wet clump that is easy to spread into the tart tin. Take your time when you mold it into the tin, too. You want to make sure that it’s spread out evenly and not lumpy in some spots.

The second layer is incredibly fragrant–the raspberry, maple syrup, and chia seed layer.

This layer takes a few more steps in order to get the right consistency and texture, but it’s only a few more minutes more than the crust. Trust me, you’ll want this extra time while the crust sets in the freezer.

The third layer has been the most shocking. I’ve never made any vegan desserts, so making a chocolate ganache out of cashews and water, and chocolate chips was mind-blowing to me. I worried about the consistency and the taste, but…I was very pleasantly surprised. Once the raspberry layer set enough, I poured the chocolate ganache over it and let it set completely in the freezer overnight.

See? If you make it today, you’ll have it perfect for tomorrow! Okay, honestly, what I really want you all to see is how simple it was to make this. This is perfect if you want a simple no-bake dessert. Doesn’t matter if you’re vegan or not, I think it’s incredible to see all the flavor possibilities using ingredients you wouldn’t normally think to use.

Grey’s Grade: 5/5

I think this recipe is absolutely worth the try. It is sweet mainly from the raw ingredients, which I think is really lovely. I’m not sure how it lands on calories and such, but I certainly wouldn’t feel guilty eating it. Well, if I could eat it. Funny enough, this weekend I found out I am quite allergic to one of the ingredients in this tart! I think I’ve narrowed it down to the chia seeds, which is WILD.

Luckily, I did march into my bedroom this morning to wake my sleeping husband with a forkful of this tart. His exact words were “Hmm, it’s silky, chocolaty, and with a little raspberry. I like it!” There you have it, folks! Another winner! 😉

If you’re looking to experiment in vegan baking, I would also check out more of what the Minimalist Baker has on their blog. Truly mesmerizing recipes–ones that I am absolutely excited to try!

I hope you enjoyed today’s review! Have a splendid week and Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!

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