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All The Fun of Snack Boxes Made Gluten-Free

In the last few years, I’ve tested a handful of subscription snack boxes, but none that had a specific gluten-free option. That’s exactly why this week I’m reviewing the service called Urthbox. This one has been on my list for quite some time, so I’m glad I finally get to review it.

For review purposes, I will be focusing on one type of box, which would be the large Gluten-Free box.

Why UrthBox?

Just like all subscription boxes, these types of services are great for stocking your pantry, stocking stuffers during the holidays, or even stocking the break room in the office. Ya know, since people are beginning to go back to offices. Having a service like Urthbox deliver a variety of snacks keeps things exciting, plus–it’s snacks. Who doesn’t like snacks?

Now, the reason why I would recommend simply looking into Urthbox is that it has a limited variety of box types, which focus on a particular type of audience. Urthbox offers a few types: Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Diet. All in all, this service focuses on healthy snacks, some of which may have more dietary restrictions. So if you’re looking to branch out and try some healthy snacks, keep on reading!

Urthbox types

Snacks Per Box

I picked the large box because I figured I would have the largest variety of gluten-free snacks. The large box indicated that there would be 27+ snacks. I’d like to stop right here to mention that this does not indicate that 27 different snacks would be included, but rather 27 total. Luckily my box contained over 19 various snacks. which was still awesome.

I had duplicates of the larger items, such as some of the grain-free bars, the lentil crisps, and the meringue snacks. This absolutely makes this box a good option for those who have larger families or maybe would be sharing the snacks with coworkers. Nothing is exactly perishable within a few days from the box’s arrival, which is definitely appreciated.

But what about the actual quality of the snacks?

I’ll be honest that I’ve been snacking on the items included over the last week, and there are some snacks that I REALLY enjoy and some that I would be much happier if they were not included. Again, this sells my point of this box being good for larger families or perhaps office break rooms. There are items that I liked, but certainly, some that I do not enjoy at all.

Another point that I’d like to bring up is that even though this box is labeled gluten-free, not every item has that indicator of gluten-free certification. I had an espresso bar in my box that I know I will not be able to try because it contains rolled oats without any sign of it being gluten-free. At least it will not go to waste. My husband will be able to take that off my hands, right? It’s unfortunate that even though I ordered a box deliberately for its gluten-free snacks, I still had to check every item to confirm the ingredients.

Urthbox snack

Let’s Talk About The Pricing…

Urthbox prices

The price for this box is pretty reasonable. Even more so if you’re a new customer. Like most services, there is often a purchase incentive of a dollar discount, which is quite nice. I did get a few dollars off for this box, which is why I ended up picking the larger box for this review. Please note that the pricing indicating 49.99 USD is for the annual subscription. I only wanted the box for 1 month, so it ended up costing around 57.99 USD (without the discount).

So, if you want to save more, then you’d consider the annual box, however, I think it’s good to use the first box discount and test out the service for yourself first before committing to a full year of service.

Final Thoughts on UrthBox? Is It Worth Trying?

I think that if you’re looking for a subscription box that has healthy snacks, then absolutely. Try it out and choose the size that works best for you. If you’re not familiar with many of these brands, then consider starting off with a monthly subscription. Test it out and adjust your membership if you choose to stick with it.

I think you definitely get a great value of snacks, but I personally don’t see myself going back to it. The snacks definitely prided themselves on being “healthy” to the point that some were just inedible. Of course, that’s just my opinion, but if you like these brands and definitely stick to only eating healthy snacks like the ones Urthbox includes, then this may be a great fit for you!

If you’ve checked out this box before, let me know in the comments below! Did you have a favorite snack?

As always, thank you so much for checking out my review. Don’t forget to stay Grey-mazing!

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