SnackCrate: Embracing Culture One Snack at a Time


As a 20-something year old I am still at a point in my life where I hold my breath whendogg.gif

sliding my card on a pin pad. No, not because those tricky little machines freak me out, but rather because I am praying to the Gods that I still have money in my bank account. Luckily it’s not quite that dramatic now that I have fewer expenses since I’m out of school–but still! I’m doing my best to save money, so as much as I would like to, traveling out of the country isn’t exactly on my agenda. Someday, I sure hope so!

I know I’m not alone when I say the best part of traveling is eating all the delicious food! Sure, seeing the sights and being surrounded by the natives is definitely a way to embrace the country’s culture, but when you eat their food, you get that true slice of culture in every bite! Yum!

While I’m not flying around the globe sampling each culture dish by dish, I did find a neat little subscription box that will keep my wanderlust satisfied and my wallet free from stress.



Hellooooo, SnackCrate!

SnackCrate is an online subscription box that specializes in sending you boxes of goodies from different countries. That alone sounds like a winner to me. Each month features a different country, so you’re always bound to try something new. Like many subscription boxes, you’re given the option of size, so you don’t have to worry about committing to ordering a 2 pound crate of candy. The breakdown is pretty simple in terms of sizes:



With these boxes you also have the choice of adding a drink upgrade for 5 USD.

After you decide on your size, you’re given a choice of which country you’d like to explore for your first box. My options were: Korea, Mexico, and….POLAND!

I am Polish–born and raised–so immediately I had to stop and think. What the hell would someone put in a box for Poland?

The Pole in me caved and I ended up choosing Poland as my first box. Sure, a lot of these snacks are available at the Polish deli we go to, but I was still curious!

Because it was my first box, I chose mini with a drink upgrade. I wanted a sample size of the goodies. As for the drink? I really wanted to know what they would send. Even after mentioning this box to my family, we couldn’t figure out which drink they would send. The snacks were almost a given, but the drink? That was my real surprise.

Click below for the unboxing of my SnackCrate:




My first impression of the crate was definitely positive, so I will be sticking around for a bit to see how it turns out in the upcoming months. Based off of my first experience, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to sample some foreign goodies.

All I know if that I’m super excited to find out which goodies I’ll be getting next month! Woohoo!


Till next time, dears!



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