Smartass & Sass: “Snark And Sarcasm Delivered”

Smartass & Sass: “A Subscription For Sassholes”

Hello friends!

In my adventure of finding new subscription services, I stumbled across Smartass & Sass–a monthly subscription box that is geared towards people who embrace sarcasm. I am certainly one of those people, so I had a great time checking out this service over the last few months. I will preface this by saying…if you are more…”tame” and are easily offended, then perhaps this may not be a subscription for you. Nothing wrong with that as there are plenty of others to get your hands on–I promise!

For this review, I’ll go over many of the points that I covered in my unboxing videos that you can find on my Youtube! In addition, we’ll talk about my overall thoughts and whether or not I would recommend this service.

If you’re in the market for a new subscription service, then read on! I have plenty to share!

For starters…eager to subscribe? Check out Smartass & Sass right -> here!

Smartass & Sass

What Do You Get With Smartass & Sass?

This is a monthly subscription service that caters to the sassy, mouthy people. Whether it’s a candle that’s called “Set The Damn Mood” or a bookmark that reads “Main Character Energy”, this service will likely have something perfect just for you in every box…if you like this type of humor.

Each monthly box comes delivered in a beautiful box that just SCREAMS “Smartass & Sass”. Truly one of the nicest boxes I’ve hard delivered for a subscription service. Inside these boxes are 5+ full-size items that are packed neatly. And the best part? If you want either less or more, this services gives you the option of shopping directly in their store for individual items, or upgrading your subscription to include more items, like t-shirts!

Available Subscription Tiers:

  • T-Shirt Only – 24.95 USD/month
  • Small Box – 29.95 USD/month
  • Box (I had this tier) – 49.95 USD/month
  • Big Box (customizable) – 69.95 USD/month

What Kind Of Products Can You Get?

So, these are definitely lifestyle items that have a bit more…zing! I often found myself comparing these products to ones you’d find at an Urban Outfitters, or Anthropologie–stores that would have home/lifestyle knick-knacks. These items have fun sayings on them are a bit more on the quirky and yes…sassy side.

What you can expect are full-size items and not samplers. I’ve received shower steamers, candles, aprons, reusable bottles, etc. Truly such fun items that I have enjoyed, or was happy to share with others! This is a perfect subscription to have on hand for any stocking-stuffer type gifts, or…a fabulous box to gift a friend who enjoys subscriptions like this.

So, if you’re looking for themed little knick-knacks that you can keep for yourself or share…ding, ding, ding…this is a win!!

Is the Price Worth It?

I think the best part about this is that you can choose how much you want to spend. If you want to have the full subscription, you can have that. If you’d like individual items, you can visit the online store. You aren’t locked into a “This is what you get–don’t like it? Deal with it” type of situation.

So, I believe that the price is worth it. Even if you stick with a full subscription, like I did–the price is still worth it. You get full-size items and none of them look cheaply made–if that makes sense. Meaning, you could find all of these items individually at the store and I’m sure that you’d end up paying a lot more for all these items than the 49.95 USD (Box tier).

Grey’s Final Thoughts

I’m always happy to check out different subscription services, but even happier when I have nothing but good things to say about them. Smartass & Sass has been incredible from start to finish. I think each subscription tier is worth the money, because you aren’t blindsided by what you’re getting.

Aside from the products…I wanted to take the time to shed a spotlight on their support. In December, I had my packages stolen and decided to reach out to their support to see if anything could be done. They actually have a policy for events such as this…where once a year you can get a free replacement of a subscription if something like this happens. Luckily, this was the first time anything like this has happened…but phew…I was really thankful because I really wanted to get this review done for you all.

Just…really thankful for how their support handled my case. Again, I give this my seal of approval. Smartass & Sass will be a service that I will continue to recommend to any who seek a fun and quirky lifestyle box!

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