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For many years I’ve struggled with my hair. I’ve known for the longest time that my roots would get oily and my ends would be poofy and dry. Blow-drying my hair left me with a lions mane that I had to tame with my hands, especially right before pictures. I’ve been to stylists to get my hair cut and always asked for suggestions. “My hair gets so frizzy, but also oily. I can’t go a day without washing it.”

That’s when they recommended product after product–and mind you, it wasn’t all cheap. I tried your typical Garnier, Pantene, Kevin Murphy, etc. All of it felt oily and “trapped” on my hair.

Now that I’ve been working on these reviews, I kept seeing Prose show up on my advertisements and I didn’t know what to think at first. There’s still a bit of a stigma of “does it actually work? Maybe it’s just an ad”. Ding ding ding–Grey, you HAVE to check it out now.

Well, I’ve had a good handful of tested products that I’ve found online. Remember Thinx and IL Makiage? Yeah, I still use these products and I don’t see myself going back. They have been fantastic.

So, what is Prose?

Prose is a subscription hair salon service that curates a hair treatment plan for you based off an intake survey that must be completed. By answering these questions about your hair, lifestyle, and environmental conditions, you help Prose put together a plan that will give your hair and scalp what it will need. Now, as you move and your lifestyle changes, the formula can be edited.

Prose subscription

Hair Treatment for YOU.

Everyone’s hair is different. Our skin is different. Our reactions to the environment are different. So how can we bottle a hair treatment solution of shampoo and conditioner into a handful of formulas sold on a shelf? I’ve tried them all. Treatment for oily hair. Treatment for dry hair. I know you’ve seen these.

Prose believes in that. That is what their company is about. In order for hair treatment to truly be extraordinary for people and to be suitable for the individual, they don’t just come out with one bottle and call it custom. Each formula will differ for peoples and as seasons change, they will continue to refine it. How often can you say that the shampoo you use is adjusted per season to make sure your hair is taken care of?

I’ve never heard of that and I freaking LOVE IT!

Prose is also very transparent about the ingredients that they use in your formula. For a full list of ingredients, you can find it on their website.

Is The Price Worth It?

In short–yes. Looking at how much money I have spent on other hair products, Prose really is worth the money. My subscription costs me 88 USD for three items. A pre-shampoo scalp mask, shampoo, and conditioner. Because I keep it under a subscription, I get a discount. After tax, it still comes out to about 82 USD. Now, what if you have really short hair and you can make each bottle last you two months? Well, friends–this is still a subscription! You can adjust the frequency of your deliveries. For example, I use the scalp mask only twice a week and I don’t smother it all over my hair, but only as completely on my scalp. When my second bow arrived, I still had some left from my first order. You can adjust the frequency of each individual item, which is outstanding and allows you to have more control with your budget.

You might have purchased salon shampoo when you got your hair done, but did it really make a different for many of you? I’ll tell you that it didn’t work for me and I spent so much on their products.

What I spend on Prose is worth it for me, because I finally have a salon that understands my hair is DIFFERENT and can’t be bottled into the same generic type of shampoo and conditioner that you’d find at the drug store.

Will I Continue With Prose and Is It Worth Trying?

I included two pictures above of my hair now versus how it was before I used used Prose. See, when you’re inside all the time I just put my hair up and called it a day. When I started recording more videos I was getting tired of the poof that was my hair. I shampoo and conditioner and then blow-dryer my hair. I’d record right after. My hair had so much frizz and the majority of the length looked like hay. It was straw-like and didn’t feel good. I hated having my picture taken.

Cut to a full month of using Prose and my hair still has a bit of frizz, but my hair overall is so much softer. My length and ends are hydrated and I can jump right into recording new videos right after I blow-dry my hair. The results have been consistent.

Because of me actually seeing results, I will continue my service with Prose.

If you’re looking for a new line of hair products, I’d definitely recommend this online salon, because our hair deserves the right treatment to look and feel its best. Take a look at their website and take their quiz. Check out the possibilities before taking the plunge. You may be amazed at what your hair has been needing.

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