Oh So Comforting Beef Stew with Polenta

Kick Off The Year With Deliciousness

Hello and Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are ready to keep pushing forward in 2021. Yes, things don’t change overnight, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t some breath of fresh air—like new and delicious meals we can cook together. Including my post-holiday challenge of making the creamiest polenta.

I remember for a few New Years Eve’s my dad made beef bourguignon. It was festive, but mostly deliciously comforting. With that he always made polenta. What a treat that was!

Now today we’re reviewing something a little less like that, but absolutely just as comforting.

Today’s recipe is courtesy of Food Banjo and it can be found right -> here!

Food Banjo's Beef Stew with Cheesy Polenta
Food Banjo’s Beef Stew with Cheesy Polenta

Making The Beef Stew

This is certainly not a meal for the weeknight as the cook time does take about 2 hours, but it’s perfect for the weekend–or when you have a few more hours to spare around the kitchen. Luckily, this does not require 2 hours of active cooking, just waiting and occasional stirring. Since this is on your stovetop and not in the oven or a slow cooker.

I would like to point out that your times may vary for the stew. Keep an eye out on the tenderness of your beef as well as how quickly all the broth cooks out. The liquid will disappear very quickly once you’re getting close to the end of the two hour cook time. Before that, however, you can clean up the dishes you used for prep, and enjoy a nice glass of wine–if that’s your jam!

But more importantly–let’s talk about the flavor! This stew brings the comfort with its tenderness as well as seasoning that seeps into the sauce, the meat, and the fork-tender carrots. It’s not too salty or sweet–it just hits the right spot.

Before serving–as always–taste your food. This is certainly not meant to be bland.

Arm Workout of the Day – Stirring the Polenta

When it comes to delicious comfort foods, I think polenta really hits the spot. It does take some babysitting with the constant stirring, but it’s so worth it to get that beautiful, glossy polenta. Once the thickening process of the cornmeal starts it really begins to take shape, so I’m not even kidding–keep an eye on it.

Once your polenta has thickened significantly, add your butter and your cheese and just watch it become 3000 times more amazing. If you prefer not to add cheese to it, only add the butter. That’s totally up to you.

I’ll be honest, adding cheese to it certainly kicks it up a notch and it works so insanely well with the beef stew.

Overall, even with the active cooking of the polenta, this dish comes together very well and with very little frustration. It’s an absolute treat on a cold winter night. Like a warm hug in the form of delicious polenta and beef stew!

Beef stew with polenta

Grey’s Grade – 5/5

To start off this New Year with this recipe is certainly a treat. It’s warm, tender, and full of flavors that really hit the spot after being out in the cold, or just when you’re in the need of that familiar comfort. While not the same as the beef bourguignon, it certainly reminded me of the holidays spent with my parents when I was younger. That’s why I love cooking so much. Each spoonful can transport you to a memory, and that’s really special.

I’m giving this recipe a full 5/5.

The ingredients don’t break the bank.

The instructions are easy to follow along with.

It tastes freaking great!

If you have any comfort favorites, or have tried this before, feel free to let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

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