MunchPak 2018: WE’RE BACK!

Yes,yes–I totally know that I wrote 2018 rather than 2019, but there is a reason behind this madness!

I’m finally in the process of re-vamping my blog, so I can finally get my posts back up! This includes unboxing videos! Without further ado–let’s get reviewing!

Munchpak, we meet again. Over the holidays, I received an email with an offer to review a Munchpack holiday box. First of all, thank you so much for remembering me! I had a blast reviewing your holiday goodies!

Thank you, Elizabeth!

My previous review of Munchpack was glowing because of their customer service, delivery, and overall presentation of snacks. Let’s take a look at this review from the stand point of coming back one year later.

Customer Service? Awesome! When I needed to get in touch with Customer service, I received a response promptly. I was informed of every step that my package took. When it was being put together, when it was shipped, and when it would approximately arrive. As a blogger working on this review, I felt very taken care of, so I can bet that I’ll be back to enjoy this subscription box outside of review purposes.

Something else that I really wanted to mention, that I lightly touch up on in the video is the presentation upon delivery. The box is tightly wrapped in plastic, so there is no way for the box to me opened and be tampered with. If anyone did, there would be proof of it that couldn’t be dismissed. Luckily, my box was in PERFECT condition. I couldn’t be happier!

As I mention in my video, I definitely recommend this subscription box. You get a random selection of goodies when you order a box, but you have the option to purchase items separately on . I know that I already have my eye on some items in the shop before I even go back to ordering a full box. That feature is specific to Munchpack. That’s just more reason why I would recommend them.

So, why get a subscription box full of snacks?

  • Stock up the office pantry
  • Makes a great gift for any occasion
  • Great to have on hand of any guests

The list can certainly go on and on, but these three reasons are my main ones that come to mind when thinking of why you’d consider subscribing or gifting this to someone.

For more information and my complete breakdown of what was included, click below to watch my unboxing video!

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As always…happy nomming!


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