June’s Top 5 Tiktok Recipes To Try

Whether you’re on the app or not–this is me proclaiming that a lot of awesome recipes can be found while scrolling (or searching) on Tiktok. Tiktok actually allowed me to discover some incredible chef’s and home cooks. Seriously incredible that they have made extended appearances on cooking competition shows. Honestly–seeing Social Media Chef as a tag for people has been super cool!

But to move things along–I spend time each week looking for recipes on Tiktok that I can make quickly during the week to record for flash reviews. I’ve made a handful of these Tiktok recipes now, so let’s recap on my Top 5 Favorite Recipes that I’ve found and tried from Tiktok.

1. Viral Broccoli Pasta


Baked Broccoli with Boursin cheese? Heck yes. Thank you for sharing this @Sarah Williams, RDN #viralfoodtrend #fyp #foryourpage #review #glutenfree


There was a viral pasta recipe that made its rounds on Tiktok that consisted of Feta and tomatoes. I tried that one about a year ago, but it just was a bit too acidic for my taste. But this? I stumbled across this recipe posted by Sarah Williams on Tiktok and I just had to try it. Super simple and ready to have on the table in under an hour. When it comes to one pan pasta sauces–this one will keep me coming back. Broccoli, garlic, Boursin cheese–I’m in heaven complete with Gluten-free pasta! This is a must-try from me!

2. Easy Weeknight Egg Salad


Making @Jalalsamfit ‘s easy egg salad as a quick dinner tonight! This was tasty and love that it didnt have mayo in it—which usually gives me a stomach ache anyway. #fyp #glutenfree #dinnerideas #recipereview

♬ Aesthetic – Megacreate
Egg salad recipes are certainly not difficult to make, but I’ve been seeking out recipes that are higher in protein and also recipes that are made a bit differently than I am used to. My dad makes a DELICIOUS egg salad, but the main difference is that it uses mayonnaise. Unfortunately, my stomach does not like mayo as much, so I try to limit how often I work mayo into my cooking. This recipe uses cream cheese for that added creamy texture (aside from the yolks!) and it works wonderfully. It’s certainly filling and well seasoned.

This one is so good I already made it again! Perfect when you’re low on ideas for dinner and you need something on the table, or when you’re just cooking for yourself.

3. Chocolate Covered Strawberry Yogurt Bites

Tiktok is full of over the top recipes that either give me a stomach ache or a cavity just thinking about them, but then there are these gems. If you have some Greek yogurt, strawberries, sweetener, and chocolate around then you can make my new favorite frozen treat. Seriously. I absolutely love chocolate covered yogurt items and this one keeps it a little healthier.

It takes about a little over an hour to try your first bite of this, but it’s well worth it. I love the tartness of Greek yogurt and the semi-sweetness from the chocolate. The bites of strawberry hit the spot just right. If you’re looking for a fun summer treat, this has my vote for sure!

4. Big Mac Smash Burger Tacos

Recently these Big Mac tacos have been ALL over Tiktok and that meant that I simply HAD to try them out. Of course, the original recipe calls for small flour tortillas, which I encourage you to use if you are not gluten-free. Corn tortilla work just fine, so worry not if you think you have to miss out. Not at all.

These come together very quickly and certainly to hit the spot when you’re having that smash burger craving. I think it’s a very creative way to serve this dish. Frankly, I think this would make for a great appetizer for a party. Serve with all the fixings, including the burger sauce, and you’re set for a delicious meal.

This absolutely gets my approval as I will certainly be making this again!

5. “Snickers” Yogurt Dessert


Been seeing this peanut butter yogurt snack around TikTok. Did you make this yet? #yogurt #yogurtsnacks #tiktokrecipe #fyp #healthyrecipes #foryoupage


You guessed it. Another “healthy” recipe. This calls for Greek yogurt, chocolate, peanut butter, maple syrup, if you’d like, and some peanuts…or whatever nut you have on hand. I had almonds. If you’re not a fan of the tart Greek yogurt flavor, then I recommend adding a sweetener like honey, maple syrup, or using a flavored Greek yogurt to ease up on some of that tartness. I personally don’t have an issue with that. I think this is a very simple yet fun recipe to try on those nights when you’re craving something sweet.

This hit the spot for me. Now, don’t think that this will be super sweet to resemble a Snickers bar. Remember, that is not that point. It’s simply a semi-sweet idea that you can make to satisfy a sweet craving while still enjoying some protein.

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