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The Non-Makeup Wearing Reviewers Review…

If you’re on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, then I’m sure at some point you’ve seen this name: IL Makiage. I normally browse recipes and subscription boxes, but this brand kept showing up and praising their foundation that promises the best color match technology. I never considered checking it out until I started recording more review videos. When you’re on camera, you want to look at least somewhat presentable, right? Well as someone who doesn’t research makeup much and wears it even less–I thought I’d be a good candidate to check this out.

I don’t like the feel of makeup on my face, nor do I like adding any tedious activities to my routine. I want to throw on some clothes, brush my hair, and be out the door. However, I am not free of some facial imperfections like red spots or even the dreaded zit. Talk about a way of diminishing one’s self-confidence. That is exactly why I decided to give IL MAKIAGE’s foundation a try. First, to see if it would actually work, and then to see if it would be a good solution for me.

After trying out IL MAKIAGE’s foundation “Woke Up Like This”, I sincerely believe that it is the key to my speedy routine.

Here’s why.

The Skin Survey That Keeps Going and Going and Going…

…In the best way!

Think back to the days we wandered around stores like ULTA and Sephora, and even the makeup aisle in Target (at least here in Chicago…), you’d go and try each foundation by holding it up to your face, blotting it on your hand to see there was a perfect match. Well, we all know that the skin color on our hands doesn’t actually match our face. I certainly learned that. For years I’ve been clueless on how to find the right shade, so I put my trust in a survey that kept asking me similar questions. I wanted to be careful with my choices, so I think I went past the 90-second promise. If you’d like to try it out on your own, check out their quiz!

il makiage skin quiz

What I appreciated the most about the quiz are the shade comparisons. “Oh, you picked this one. Now, let’s have you choose from some more shades that are VERY similar to the one you chose. Maybe we can dig in a little deeper and find your true color.” That’s brilliant. I wondered how they, an online makeup shop, were going to pair me with a shade that works best for me.

Fun fact, I compared the shade I used to wear to the IL MAKIAGE foundation. The shades are SUPER close, but still, there was enough of a difference when applied. Maybelline you were my trusty foundation for a long time, but it’s time for me to be with my true match.

IL MAKIAGE vs my old foundation

Try Before You Buy – Or…How To Win Over Your Skeptical Customers aka….Me.

As I said, I don’t wear much makeup. I’ve been wearing more recently because I record videos and I want to pop a little bit, you know? No shame in that! After my polenta burn, I put my videos on hold so I could heal. However, now I’m still left with a little red blotch. That’s about the time I decided to give this foundation a try.

IL MAKIAGE truly believes in their product and their power-match quiz to find the shade that is just for you. They believe in it so much, that they offer a “Try Before You Buy” feature. You just pay the price of shipping and handling. In my case it was around 5 USD. You get a full-size bottle of the foundation to try risk-free for 14 days. If you don’t like it, send it back. If you choose to keep it, then your card will be charged the total retail price of this foundation, which I believe is around 44 USD. With how little you actually need to beautifully and evenly cover your face, it’s worth it.

Trying an item before you buy is definitely a win, but trying the item and actually seeing it work? That’s the true win.
I was a skeptic even after watching review after review, so I went in without the hope that it would be a good match. Again, as someone who doesn’t wear makeup often, I didn’t want to feel cakey or look like I actually was covered in the foundation. Sure, if you take a real up close and personal look, you’ll be able to see that I had makeup on. If you’re looking at me at a normal distance, my color looks natural; I’m not shiny or discolored. The most important part for me is that I didn’t feel like I was wearing anything on my face at all. I’m honestly so incredibly impressed with this foundation, and I never thought I would ever say or write those words.

Take it from me, if you’re in the market for a new foundation that feels like it was made just for you–give this company a chance. IL MAKIAGE makes it a risk-free experience.

Have you tried this foundation before? If you have any thoughts or questions on this product, feel free to leave a comment. I’d love to hear what you think!

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  1. I’ve heard of this foundation but never thought of trying it out! Thanks for your review

    • My pleasure! I’ve been a skeptic for sure, but I am really loving it! And the try before you buy is a great option to really test it out. Thanks so much for the comment!

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